High Spikes PIO, PIF Problems with LG-4163B and TYG02



When I run quality scan over fresh burned TYG02 I experienced single high spikes (between 1 to 5 single high spikes at each scan). I have seen in some expert review that these single high spikes are not revelant but I’m not sure… In the past I have used Ritek G05 media and I never experienced this kind of problem but I decided to give a try to TYG02 because I have received a crappy batch from Ritek (75% of batch was garbage).

Firmware is 1.05 release, I try 1.04 (downgrade) to see if it’s better but spikes was always there. Discs seem to play fine in DVD Playback, someone know what can I do to have better quality burned???



Maybe the new firmware will fix it, oh wait there doesn’t seem to be a new one!
Has it been a year already??


What brand is this TYG02 and how fast was it burned?

What drive are you scanning it with?

Can you post any screens of these scans for us?


Look at this: TYG01 (TDK) burned with LG4167 Firm DL13 :a


I got some Verbatim TYG02s recently. I burn them in my Benq as the LG4163B(A105) does such a poor job.


This is offtopic you know, as the thread starter was talking about the 4163B not the 4167B.

In any case, the 4167B hates TYG01. Other people have already mentioned this in other posts and I burned one piece myself on my 4167B (also DL13) just to test. My scan looks as bad as if not worse than yours. Simply put : do not use TYG01 on the 4167B.

TYG01 burns beautifully on the 4163B though.


Could you please post some scans of your burns? It is a bit hard to tell exactly what you mean by “single high spikes”.

It should not be the firmware. I’ve had excellent quality burning TYG02 using various different versions of firmware on it. I don’t remember exactly, but I think I have used A101->A106. I get similarly good results no matter what version of fimrware I use. So it shouldn’t be the firmware version.

Here are scans of TYG02 (Fujifilm MIJ) on my 4163B for comparison.

The best burns look like this (A102 or maybe A101) :

The worst ones I get are like this (A105) :


karangguni here two different scans, disks are readable but Quality Score are not good.
They are brand Taiyo Yuden burn at 8x (also try 4x but same results). I have tried different burn Engine but same results (Nero, etc…)


These scans look familiar. Old Lite-On drives produce these PIF spikes (two per scan) but they don’t necessarily correspond to any errors on discs. Rather, they can be the result of an MTK chipset bug.

Try scanning one of these discs multiple times and see if the spikes move around; if they do, that would confirm my theory.


Not sure of this, but aren’t Lite-Ons supposed to be used for scanning at 4x rather than 8x?


I think I have already try scanning at 4x with similar results but I’m not sure about this, will test at 4x on same disk tonight to be sure… Concerning high spike problem reporting with Lite-On Drive I will test tonight to confirm if spikes appears at same spots of drive. I will double check with Kprobe to see if I have same results also.

I see some users talked about 1.06 firmware upgrade for LG 4163 drive? Do you know where I can find this upgrade. Is it an official firmware Upgrade by LG because I have not seen this firmware upgrade on LG Website?.


I saw the same thing when scanning with my old LDW-851@SOHW-832. :iagree:



Just browse this forum, there is a large thread about that including the download link.
That is an official firmware, up to now only distributed to the people that run LG’s auto-firmware-update-utility.



Here’s a link for A106 that works.


Try to scan at 1x, 2x, 4x, and fucking spikes are always there at same spots on disk, try other program (kprobe) and have similar results.
I have burns a couple of disks and now fucking spikes goes over 1000 for PI Error and 200 for PI Failure!!!
Put Lite-on drive on another computer and nothing changes!!!

I’m not sure where is the problem, bad burner (4163b), bad reader (Lite-On 812s) or bad media TYG02???


(puts on Vulcan ears)

Two things you can try :

  1. Do you have a friend with a BenQ DW1620/1625/1640/1650/1655 writer? If so you can try asking him to scan a few of those discs for you. If his scans don’t show those spikes, then it is your reader at fault. If his scans also show those spikes, then it is either the discs or your 4163B at your fault.

  2. To determine which of those two are at fault, burn one or two pieces of those discs with your LiteOn writer. If scans of those discs have no spikes, then the LG is at fault. If they have spikes then the discs are faulty.

(removes Vulcan ears)


Does this play on a dvd player without skipping? Isn’t that the true test of how well a burn is…or is it a couple of goofy spikes on a picture.

I’m almost certain it’s the Litey. Bad media/burns don’t normally show themselves as lone spikes. That is usually an anomoly of the scanning drive. I have similar problems with NEC3500 burns on my Liteon 451S.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember a Liteon around that era that wasn’t a particularly good scanner. I thought it was the 812, but I may be mistaken.


Actually DVD seem to play correctly without skipping on my DVD Player but I know my player can play almost everything… My concern was if I change my DVD player in the future or if I took these DVD to play on another player (ex: my friends DVD player) I want to be sure that my burns will play in most drive…

I will try as suggested to burn these media on another DVD burner to see if I have same results…


The A103 firmware was the best I ever found for the LG 4163. You could also try burning at 4X (see my scan). I really think your problem is a combination of your 812 and your 8X scanning, as has been mentioned above.


chas0039, I would be ready to kill to have I scan like yours!!!

I have tried to burn with my Lite-On just to see If I have similar results and at 55% Drive began to be noisy (head problem I think) and my burn has failed, I have inspect the Media surface and I can see I very big scratch on it!!! Perharps real problem is my fucking Lite-On 812s reader I’m using to test my discs… It will be easier if LG drive could be use to scan disk!!!.

Anyway I have buy a use Pioneer burner 10$ (104) on ebay yesterday evening to be able to do other test and I wish it will be able to scan drive to have another opinion…

Actually I’m really tired about this problem and I hope I will find the problem soon.

At last I have burned Verbatim DVD-RW with 4163b drive before the burn problem on my Lite-On it have scanned correctly without any spikes and fair quality score (77%).

At This moment I think problem could be TYG02 batch or Lite-ON problem to scan properly these Media. I cannot figure if my Lite-On drive could be defective also because the burn failure and I’m afraid to scan another Media…

Will also try to downgrade at 1.03 firmware with LG. I will be at bed very late tonight again!!!


I hate to point out that your Pioneer cannot scan so you will still need something reliable to scan your TYG02s to see if there is really a problem. My 812 died a while ago and the $40 to get the 1693 were well worth it.