High speed scanning with LH-20A1H


I ordered my LiteOn burner mainly for scanning, thus, when I received it 2 days ago, I performed scans tests on a DVD containing a 4,04 Go Iso file burned with ImgBurn and my Plextor 760A on a Taiyo Yuden T03 (16X) medium (several burn speeds from 4X to 16X). The scans where performed on the LiteOn with Kprobe2 V2.5.2.
Everything seemed OK when scanning at 4X,which seems to be the standard scanning speed for comparisons. The results where very similar to those obtained with Plextools with PIE topping at 10-13 and PIF at 5.
When speeding at 8X it was still OK, the errors rose a little but this was not significant.
But when scanning at 12X there was a bunch of errors at the beginning with PIE topping at 803 and PIF at 97, and also 2 errors, a servo error, and a “PUH skipped” in the vicinity of 900h.
At 16X it was more or less the same, with 2 peaks instead of one.

I read in some posts here that people perform scans at 16X with the LiteOn. Did I misread ? Have I a wrong setting ? Is my LiteOn drive a bad one ?


8x is the norm for newer liteon drives

Hello pfloyd,

Thanks for this info. It’s a pity then. It looks llike progress is going backwards sometimes ;).