High Speed DVD+RW or -RW?

Where can i buy some high speed DVD+RW or -RW media in USA.

Please no Ritek.

I have the same problem finding them in Canada. All i’ve seen so far are Ritek 8 and 6x. They only come in 25 cakebox, which is like 12.5x more than I need for home use. It really annoys me to see how Europe gets Labelflash, Canon disc printers, and now faster media. :confused:
On the other hand I dont feel like paying THAT much :disagree:

Indeed, Europe pays much more than the US, and has (or at least had) less access to TY media. With 16x TY media showing up in the market, this has changed, but 16x TY media is nothing special anymore.
I’ve seen 6x Verbatim DVD-RW here, but no 8x Verbatim DVD+RW yet. Only Ricoh in online shops. I haven’t seen them in ANY B&M store yet so I didn’t bother to buy 8x DVD+RW yet.

Check with www.rima.com. They have Ridata stock that is sometimes Ricoh-made. Email them and ask, they’ll know what the current stock is.