High speed discs burned at lower speeds


I own a BenQ 1640 FW BSOB. It is the best writer I’ve owned til date, and I’ve had no problems at all with all the media I’ve tested (Ritek, TY, TDK, etc.) producing nice PI/PIF.

But since I bought 16x media, I’ve reported several strange problems.

First incident was with some Phillips 16x (MCC03), the burner produced some coasters, apparently with no evident cause. I use to make my burns at 4x or 8x. I use Nero, checking the “Verify” option. The strange thing is that the process runs nicely, and Nero verifies the full DVD with sucess, but when I eject the media and insert it again, the drive does not recognize the media and I cannot read it anymore. I cannot read the DVD even with other LiteOn drive I own.

Apparently no problems on burning process produce coasters… No explanation.

Well, what I thought it was a problem of the brand, has become a fact on 16x media.

I’ve bought some Verbatim 16x, with Media Code TYG03, and the first DVD I’ve burned has been a coaster, no errors on the process, but unreadable after that.

It has been burned at 4x. I begin to wonder if this media does not like to be burned at lower speeds.

Finally, not all 16x becomes a coaster, I produce nice DVDs of 16x media.


OUCH, if you have 16x media and are burning them at 4x you will have problems

I know that if I try and burn 16x media at 4x I end up with coasters.

I reccomend never going lower then half the rated speed as the die is made to burn at high speed. Personally I burn all my 16x media at 12x. Slow speed burning on high speed discs over exposes the disc to the laser and can produce terrible results.

Hey, thanks for the confirmation. That’s exactly what I thought It was happening, but I feared there was another error with the drive.

I use to burn at lower speeds (up to 8x) but now I will try at 12x, as you recommends.

I’ll see if PI/PIF results are good enough.

12x burning seems to be the sweet spot with the high speed BenQ drives (I have 3 of them).

I agree with this - Normally, high speed capable media should be burnt at their rated speed. There might be exceptions to that but with QUALITY media, like the TYs I use, they burn a lot better at 8x than 4x. The dye is very sensitive as requires much less exposure to the laser. About 16x media, I would never burn at 4x, ever… The MINIMUM I would burn it at is 8x, even so, 12x would be better.

Can somebody comment on Verbatim +RDL media is 2.4x the “sweet spot” or could 1x produce a better/worse quality burn?

Verbatim +R DL 2.4 best to burn at 2.4x or 4x maximum for these. 4x on my LG gives great quality & you don’t see the switch to the second layer.

1x would not be possible with BenQ, the slowest the drive will burn is 2.4x for all media.

Probably all drives will not have a stratagy for burning most +R media at 1x as afaik there were never any 1x media.

2.4x is the slowest possible speed for DVD+R/+RW/+DL media, even some BenQ drives have incorrect firmware(strategy) trying to force burn them at 1x or 2x…

Try QSuite’s QScan
And see if the media passes the 16x or 12x tests (most subpar 16x media doesn’t)