High Speed CD-RW media (4x-12x) that works well with LiteON drives?



Are there any readily available High Speed CD-RW discs (e.g. TDK) that work well at 12x with LiteON CD-RWs?

The Memorex (InfoDisc) 4x-12x CD-RWs work OK in my Teac burner, but don’t fare so well on my LiteON LTR-32123S. They are completely unuseable at 12x, produce C2 errors at 10x, have extremely high C1 error rate at 8x, and have a decent 10-20 avg. C1 error rate at 4x (with C1 max in the 40-60 range).


Please consult the RW media test thread.


Funny you should ask. I was just out looking for some CD-RW media to use with my LTR-48246S just this past weekend. I don’t normally use CD-RW, but I wanted some for testing Nero 6. (It has so many bugs that I anticipate needing to do a lot of testing before I find a stable release, and I didn’t want to needlessly waste discs.)

I set out in search of Verbatim 24x media first, since it has worked well for many people. But I’ve never seen it in a retail store around my area, and its price online has gone up. Several months ago you could get a 10-pack for $9 and free shipping. Now it seems to be going for ~$17 with shipping extra. :frowning:

Therefore, I switched to a backup plan: get 12x discs at a local store. Even that turned out to be nearly impossible. There are very few CD-RW out there period, and what is there is mostly 4x! :eek: Where I could find 12x it was inevitably Memorex crap. :Z

But finally I found some TDK 12x at Best Buy. I didn’t know who made it, but since I didn’t have much choice at that point, I bought it anyway, 10 for $11 (still a little steep, IMO).

It turns out to be made by CMC, and despite my initial disappointment at discovering that, it has been working fairly well. The first burn on a fresh disc gave a flat C1 curve with an average of around 3. Subsequent burns start out with higher levels at the beginning of the burn then flatten out fairly quickly to a lower level for an average of around 6 or 7. I would assume that I am seeing the effects of running OPC, but can’t guarantee that.

I haven’t had any trouble burning or playing these discs on my computer, and I have already gone through about 20 write/erase cycles with no signs of degradation. That might not sound like much, but compared to the 2 cycles I got out of the Memorex/Infodisc disc that came with the burner, it is fantastic. :wink:



If you see any Imation US RW media, it’s probably Mitsubishi. Not any cheaper than Verbatim though.


Thanks for the tip, rdgrimes.



For what it is worth, here is the same disc burned at 10x and 8x:



Backing off just a little from its rated 12x speed makes the burns quite good, for CD-RW media. But even the 12x burn I showed earlier is okay for CD-RW media.



Wow, that’s better than my CMC CD-R discs. :stuck_out_tongue: And yeah, the Memorex are crap. But LiteON drives especially don’t like it. It burns fine (albeit with high C1 rates) @10x and 12x on other brand drives.


I have been using the Cheap Jensen from circuitcity

mainly for watching movies on them… and they play backedup movies well on my apex ad-1000