High Speed Auto Printer

my work is on cd printing is huge
i must to print more than 500 to 2000 DVD’s per day
i am really tired of canon 4840 4940 pro 9000 and … head failur after 5 6 month
i was interested in Primera Bravo 4100 Autoprinter it is really fast and this can afford my work with this speed
but there is no ciss
i can make the ciss for it but if the remaining ink level could be realesed and let the printer do the job without ink remaining detection
is it possible? i mean releasing ink detection like canon

another printer i interested was copytrax art master 600 but i didnot find any shop for it and i dont know the price. if there is any one to help me please. it has ciss

do you have some suggestion for me ?
lower price better :wink:

no one has the primera auto printer ?

It is probably out of our price range. LOL

To dadasalam:

I just saw your information. Share my experience with you~
Since we need to make CD/DVD copies for customers after meeting very often, our company bought an auto printer Acronova Nimbie Sidekick NK50V and also an auto duplicator Nimbie NB12 last year.
It’s quite convenient for me. We usually print 80~100 discs a time.
What I need to do is to choose label picture, set Sidekick NK50V up, then the machine will do the rest automatically.
I think it’s a more economic solution than Primera Bravo, and also saves more ink cost!
Oh! And their customer service told me if we need to print a large amount of discs, an optional software can help to operate 6 units at a time to increase production quantity.

Here’s their homepage.
You may give it a try :wink:

bunnybaby that is great and useful info. I hope he is still around and finds the info.
Thank you, and good to see you posting.

For what it’s worth, I have a small audio company and our bread and butter is live CD sales. I’ve been using Epson Stylus Photo R220’s for a very long time and I must say they hold up well. I have many of them, too. Yup, hand loading discs sucks real bad, but I don’t usually pay more than about $50 for a printer plus the cost of a CIS. I generally run either 3 or 4 printers simultaneously, most often with a completely different disc printing on each printer at any given moment.

If you’re on top of it you can keep a fluid pace and re-load discs in each of the printers one after the other and be hitting the feed button before the printer’s even ready to suck the next one in, it works out to about 240 discs per hour and it’s the kind of job you can train someone to do in a few minutes then just turn them loose for long periods with little if any real supervision. (In this economy I love being able to justify the cost of giving someone some much needed work too)

I’ll tell y’all something I probably shouldn’t. If you REALLY want to fly with these R-220’s, run them under Linux with gimp/cups drivers. They’re crazy fast then, (About 30 seconds per disc), and you use less ink to boot, which means faster dry times and less discs sticking together on the spindle.

The Primera makes some great looking discs, let me be clear about that, but it’s also a flakey POS that you have to babysit, and the ink costs are completely out of line.

If I were going to plunk down the cash for a fully automated printer, (which I may well be doing before the 1st of the year), the ONLY printer on the market that I’d consider is the Epson PP-100AP Diskproducer. Really, you can have the rest of them so far as I’m concerned. I’ve got some good guys on my crew and any of us standing around feeding discs to printers is really sort of a waste. I can’t really use any additional help at this point, so I’m thinking about adding the Diskproducer as an option. If I ultimately decide to go that route I’ll keep my 220’s as I’m sure the need for them will arise before long.

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Hello everyone~
I got some good news for you all.
Our department decided to get another NK50V to increase our production quantity yesterday.
When purchasing, we just found they have a special promotion for NK50V until Christmas.
“Free” Epson Artisan 50 printer is offered now!!
Lucky us :wink:

Here’s the promotion.
Good luck, everyone~

Hi Joe,

I have question for you. I want to post on here but the only person i really wanted to hear from you is you. You are by far the expert. I have Epson p100AP ( 6 of them) and i bought the CIS from JPL. I am having tons of problems. I need to clean the ink out of the epson and I wondered if you have any solutions?