High SDK version!Help me!



Now I have a nero SDK.Its version(the doc version) is,but the really version of API which I get from the NeroGetAPIVersion is

How can I get the latest nero SDK version?
I have looked for it on the line for two days.But I still not find it.
Anyone can tell me where to download Or send to me.
My e-mail address is YanDong_8212@163.com.
Thanks thanks thanks!


NeroGetAPIVersion is obsolete since version
Use NeroGetAPIVersionEX.

This returns the version of Nero not the SDK.

The latest version of the SDK is at http://www.nero.com/eng/SDK_API.html and is version 1.05.

The latest SDK requires version or later to ensure full compatibility the wording in the SDK manual is that it might work with an earlier version.



Thanks for your reply,unison.
I get the version through NeroGetAPIVersionEx—
Is that an old one?


Extract from manual:

This documentation assumes that Nero or later is already installed on your
computer. The current NeroSDK version (NeroSDK 1.05) supports the commandset of
Depending on your individual needs, your NeroAPI-based application might work with
an earlier version. Therefore, this documentation will indicate which NeroAPI version
introduced a particular feature, function, or type.
For additional information please take a look at 3.5 Compatibility Between Different
NeroAPI Versions.


Thank you very much, unison.
Do you know how to burn DVD with NeroAPI?
Now my program can burn CD.
Could you please tell me the the differences between them?


No sorry - I only use NeroCom and VB6 not neroapi


Can I use NeroCom to burn DVD?


Yes - the main decision on which technology to use is based on what you want to achieve. If you just want a command line interface use Nerocmd. If you want to fully integrate into your application then the choice between NeroAPI and NeroCom depends on your preferred programming language.