High School Shooting Spree Leaves 10 Dead



What can be done to make the schools safe for the children?

10 Dead in HS shooting


Turn the person/s over to the victims parents/family and let them deal with them.


Getting rid of easily accessible weapons.


My heart grieve for all involved…but if Guns are readily available some Lunatics will try to use them on innocent people, another sad day in the USA.


That will be a problem in this case, because he shot himself also.

Yep, but somehow I don’t think that wil happen in the great USA.


Middle and high school students in South Korea are getting more and more violent these days as well. Guns are not allowed but enough things are available in abundance for excessive violence. About 5% at least is known to be part of the great network of school gangs. They resemble South Korean army units and adult organized criminal networks. School teachers and government officials that control the teachers and schools are corrupted. They, at least most of them, both receive bribes anyway and so are not reliable. News media and the central and local governments are interested but are more focused on their own profits. So what can do the victims and parents of the victims do? The only thing they can do in the pratical world is leave the country forever and forget the tragic past. For US citizens, perhaps there are enough cities inside the US territory that have better survival chances.


i just dont understand how easy kids can get a gun.


Ummm…I would bet that they are fairly readily available. I would guess there are plenty of people out there that don’t keep there weapons securely locked up…


And two of his relatives.


The tragedy occurred in Minnesota. Minnesota has a very large percentage of people who originally immigrated from Sweden and other Scandinavian Countries. Minnesota is closer in philosophy to Europe then say Texas. They have strict gun control laws yet weapons are easily available via the black market. In this case, however, I think the grandfather was a retired police officer and did not have his weapon securely locked up.

For some reason the southern states where guns can be purchased at the local hardware stores don’t have as many of these types of episodes. But many people purchase guns down south and then illegally sell them in the Northern States for a major profit.


Think you are absolutley right. If properly locked up these incidents would be far less!

@Gategem, you are right as well. Canada has strict gun laws, but it only seems to keep the honest people honest, the criminals do what they want.


Some years ago, a little quiet town in Scotland (Dunblane) a mad man run riot in a primary school killing many young childern and in the end killing himself. No one has ever quite understood why.
It led to large changes in gun laws in the UK, and big changes to security in our schools. Its now very difficult to buy a gun in the UK.

Common sense tells me, removing the means to kill reduces the risks.


And what kind of gun did that kid…David…have that killed that Giant???
At close, real close range I’m as deadly with a Quarter Staff as a gun. Like Kenshin said people who want to kill don’t need no stinking guns!


In South Korea, computer games and movies are often guilty of making kids more violent. Recent culture trend here is to glorify gang leaders. Friendship in the Korean language sometimes means loyalty to them. Violent computer games are also partly responsible for the widespread powerful computers and broadband connections in South Korea.

Personally, I think even rifles for hunting and gas guns for personal safety should be banned in South Korea. Humans I belive need to be tamed a lot more. About what happen in the US, too complicated to judge.


mmmm…Soma-soma-soma. Are you ready for a brave new world.


The person that did that, submitted a flash file on to Newgrounds some time in December. See it here


That is so horrible. I remember I was in 3rd grade (yes, I’m only 15) when the Columbine shootings were. I remember shortly after that the elementary school had to call in police and we had to evacuate the building for a very long time. I mean, the people who made this threat could have only been in grades K-6. It’s horrible what media does.