High School Musical 2

I cant copy High School Musical 2 with dvdfab platium It gets to 93.31 % during the rip and then it freezes. also tried ripit4me and anydvd with shrink all errored out

sorry liv2roc1984, i cant verify that dvdfab will work with this title. however i can verify that others have posted problems as well. please try with pathplayer always enabled. post a burn log.

[QUOTE=signals;1753846]C:\Documents and Settings…username…\My Documents\DVDFab\Log\DVDFab_burn_VSO.log. This is a text file that you can open with Notepad and copy and paste a few recent entries into a reply post.[/QUOTE]

and send the ifo files to fengtao


Just use ripit4me in conjunction with dvd decrypter and then use DVDFab, works for me. Despite the hype here, DVDFab is not the be end and end all that it makes out to be. BUT…pretty good MOST of the time.

I burned High School Musical 2 a couple of hours ago using dvdfab platinum, everything worked great. I went dvd to dvd using verbatim dvd-r, I ran out of dual layer so I went ahead and used the dvd5 setting, it burned in good quality considering the compression. Later I will go buy some more verbatim dual layer discs and keep the original format… I have Vista Home Premium on a Intel Q6600 core 2 dual, 4g ram . Nvidia geforce 8600gts . Lite on dvdrw lh-20 1h. I learned from this forum, too look before I leap into anything tech.