High Resolution LCD Comparison - 1600x1200 and 1920x1200

Yes with Clear Type off it looks a lot better. The difference in Quality stands out a mile. With Clear Type On or Off :slight_smile:

A good test of the Clear Type would be a web browsing session on something like Yahoo News, perhaps:


I just did a measurement of the 23" Apple Cinema LCD. It’s active area is 12.25" from top to bottom. The Samsung 204b is 12" from top to bottom, so since both do 1200 vertically, the Samsung has higher pixel density.

Is good.

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Samsung CX305T 30-inch 2560*1600. US$1,500 in South Korea. 6ms response time. 178 degrees.

Source: http://kbench.com/news/?no=35124&pr=3&cc=63

Target market: CAD, CAM… not home. It’s more than 2x expensive than the UPlus 30-inch which now costs under US$700, or more likely US$600. 40-inch at US$300 can’t be far now as average cost of 40-inch panel is around US$500 and will further fall due to the new production facilities that cost over US$10 billion.

I recently bought a 22" viewsonic VX2235 lcd monitor that had a resolution of 1680 x 1050. The pixels looked huge. I could see the lines between the pixels from 2 feet away. I sent that back and got an NEC 20WGX2 20" with the same res and of course the picture is sharper, and I cant see the pixels. I must also add that it has a glossy surface which also helps get rid of SDE (screen door effect) I think it its called.

It is odd how some folks notice the pixels and others don’t.

But it is good that you got a monitor that worked better for you. I’m glad we have so many choices.

Yeah. Alot of people dont like the glossy surface because if you are in an office with strip lighting, it can be annoying. Another thing I dont like, but im sure this would be present in any monitor, is if you are gaming, you might be shouting like me lol, and get spit on the screen, dont get me wrong, not a bucket of it, just a tiny pin size dot, and these can be accumulate over months and the monitor is difficult to get it as shiny and crystal clear as it was.

I also have a 17inch sony sdm-hs75p which is also glossy. Needless to say that is where my glossy addiction began. Since I had glossy I cant take the other dull surface haha.

I try not to yell at my computer, especially while foaming at the mouth… lol…

Enjoy your display!

My Dell 8600 15-inch laptop has 1920 x 1200 native resolution display (paid $$$ extra for it) and I kick myself for not getting the 1680 x 1050 or even lower (1280 x 800?) resolution screen. The 1920 x 1200 is a truly beautiful display but displays things much too small for my old eyes. I have it set for 1680 x 1050 which makes it ever-so-slightly fuzzy but at least I can see things. I see no pixels either way. regards, gamma1

I’m getting a better image with the clear view off. It’s less blurry.

Impressive resolution. Too bad Windows doesn’t auto-scale UI and text elements. Apple seems to do a better job of it with OS X.

That said, I still envy you your pixel density. :slight_smile:

One bad thing about LCD’s is that in many cases, things just don’t look as good if you don’t run in the native resolution. I must admit that 15" and 1920x1200 is a pretty odd combination. I have seen laptops with a 17" with that res on a Sony laptop, and I thought it was fantastic for spreadsheets and the like, since they have adjustable zoom factors, but it was pretty tough with things that didn’t let you zoom in.

I guess it is hard to find the right combination of pixels and size. That’s one reason I still like CRT’s. Resolution adjustments simply look smoother and cleaner in the Analog world. I particularly like Shadow Mask, with the rounded more smooth setup as opposed to Aperture Grille, which is more rectangular/striped. Fonts in particular seem softer and easier for me to read.

So while I can understand the lure of LCD’s, I will lament the passing of CRT’s should they stop being made available.

Compare the size of a 20 inch crt to a 20 inch lcd lol. I couldnt imagine using a big fat chunky crt again. LCD’s look so slick.

I used to use a 15 inch philips crt, probably wasnt the best monitor, wasnt even flat screen, when you compare the colours you just think god damn that crt looks poo lol. :eek:

I have a 21" CRT and a 20.1" LCD and a 24" LCD and a 17" CRT. I like having a 21" CRT. :slight_smile:

u must have a huge desk then lol.

I have an 8 foot wide folding table and a standing shelf unit about 5’ tall. All my stuff is spread out from left to right. Works pretty well.

Pixel size I think is just a matter of personal taste. I find it quite acceptable to see 19201200 in a 15.4 inch LCD. I’ve had a Dell Latitude D800 for nearly three years and I chose 19201200 screen as well. To be honest, the only reason I chose Dell was to have 19201200 without paying one or two thousands of dollars (in KRW, it’s millions literally) for one of those expensive LCD monitors. There was no alternative among Samsung, LG, etc. Right now, I’m typing on a Toshiba Satellite 2410 241K P4 2.2GHz with 15.4-inch LCD. Its resolution on the LCD is just 14001050. Compared to 19201200, there are many less pixels in nearly the same area. Much smaller pixels, but much more windows to be displayed at once. It’s convenient to have four or more windows in 19201200 instead of in 14001050 or 12801024. I’m considering to have one of those “UMPC”, the very small handheld computers, powered by Geode and equipped with 800*480 4.3-inch or 7-inch LCD. 800 by 480 is 384,000 pixels. That’s less than one tenth of what the US$600 Uplus 30-inch has, but it should be reasonably acceptable to read eBooks and play DVD-resolution video files, but not HD.

The new Samsung 30-inch seems to be very hot here in South Korea as it’s one of the new-generations coming directly from Samsung. Once you see it, you can’t go back. Everything about “LCD” for computing is going to be revolutionized in the next year. Price, color, number of pixels, viewable area, and even power consumption.

I’d like to sell my 21-inch CRT for less than US$10 to you if only I were on the other side of the ocean.

LG.Philips of South Korea has suddenly reduced their latest 30-inch 25601600 panel prices to local OEM makers. Retail price is currently about US$350. Including AD board, Dual-Link 5-meter DVI cable, adapter, chassis, etc., the cost goes up to US$550~$600. Chassis for 30-inch panels could be very expensive as it cannot but be very big and heavy. Aluminum chassis for 30-inch seems to cost nearly US$90. Due to competitions, AD boards that support up to 25601600 resolution are not that expensive. Those rare boards typically used to cost more than complete sets of 20-inch 1600*1200 LCD monitors.

The panel models are:

LM300W01 ST A0
LM300W01 ST A1
LM300W01 ST A2

A2’s the latest, but end users can buy A2 at the same cost as A0 and A1. At least, two retailers are going to start shipping next week.





Active Area [mm]
641.28 x 400.8

Outline Dimension [mm]
677.3 x 436.3

Thickness [mm]

2560 x 1600

Aspect Ratio

Pixel Pitch [mm]

Number of Colors
16.7M, 8bit

Luminance [cd/㎡]

Color Saturation (%)

Weight [g]

Contrast Ratio


Viewing Angle [Ëš,U/D/L/R]

Color Temperature [K]

Response Time [ms]
8ms GTG

MP Schedule