High random seek time + can't disc quality check



what happen to my drive or disc or ??

i formated my computer and preform the test
total time for testing transfer: 4:43
total time for seeking time: 3:01

cannot preform disc quality checking
after i click “start” , the dvd led blinking green few time, then nothing show up , can’t stop it, but computer not crash


Same problem here. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=134615 It was solved when i put it on another Motherboard. Your M/B has VIA chipset?


very exact same problem, i put my dvd burner to my sister computer, it works fine

my computer – FIC SD11, very old motherboard using AMD 751 north bridge and VIA 686A south bridge, by the way, it has no problem at all for the last 3 months, but all in sudden, …it just happen