High Quality Simple DVD Rip/Burn

Hi all,

I did a search for this and couldn’t get a definitive answer.

I have some dvd-r’s and dvd-rw’s that have anywhere from one to four programs on them I’ve added titles to.

I want to rip these segments to my hard drive and burn them back in different sequences to a dvd-r.

It’s for work so I must have high quality copies(I assume that means 1:1) and the easier to use the better. Speed would also be good and the cheaper the better; but I’ll lay out the money if I have to.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Hi Wecome to the CDFreaks and this forum, you can use :

  1. DVD Shrink to rip to your hard drive and Nero to burn it back to DVD disc.

  2. DVD Decrypter to rip to your hard drive and burn it back to the DVd disc.

Both Shrink & Decrypter are free to use and Nero can be downloaded from nero.com and use it for free for 30 days as demo with full function.

Rather than Nero to burn in (1), use the latest Imgburn. It’s free.

I tried to rip the dvd files using dvd shrink but it gave me a “Invalid DVD Navigation Structure” error message. I searched on that message and found the problem is with some type of encryption on sony dvd-rw disks. I guess I’ll never buy their disks again.

So I installed and successfully ripped the files using dvd decrypter to my hard drive. At this point the files are not associated with any program.

I installed Imgburn and tired to burn the files to dvd-r. But when I try and select a source to burn from, the files are not recognized.

What am I doing wrong?

You could try ripping them to ISO with DVD Decrypter - hopefully that should work, as ImgBurn will only burn ISO (or .nrg) images (I think) :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I’m really confused.

Apparently there are many file styles I can rip and burn with. ISO is one of them, but it’s not very compatable with regular DVD players the average person has in their home, right? I need to use the most widely used format.


When you rip with DVD Decrypter you can , basically, create an image file (ISO) or files. If you need to shrink the movie then you rip in file mode and then process those through DVD Shrink. From Shrink you can create an image file & burn that with DVD Decrypter using ISO write mode.

If no compression is required rip in ISO read mode & then burn the resulting image using ISO write mode.

I think you may be confused by the term “ISO” meaning different things in different contexts.

In this context it means simply a container file format that can contain a byte-for-byte “image” of a whole disc, including the files, folders, and filesystem on that disc.

One of the other common uses of the “ISO” term is the ISO9660 filesystem which can be used for data CDs and DVDs but isn’t compatible with normal DVD players.

If you “rip” a disc with DVD Decrypter, the “ISO” file will be an image of the DVD (minus encryption and region code) and that ISO image will contain the same filesystem as the original DVD, which for Video DVDs is an UDF version 1.02 filesystem.

Ok, using DVD Decrypter under mode->iso->read I ripped the dvd to my harddrive. I have two DVD_VR files from it.

The original dvd contained three half hour programs. One of the DVD_VR files is 4.39g in size and the other is 8kb.

So two questions. First if I wanted to burn everything I just ripped, to a dvd, would I just change the mode in Decrypter to ISO->Write and select the larger file? Do I need both DVD_VR files?

Also, I’d like to be able to seperate each half hour program to change the order of programs on burned dvds. Is this possible?

Presumably the smaller of the two files has an ‘.MDS’ file extension?

  1. Yes, and… 2) not necessarily. The MDS file contains checksum information that verifies the main ISO. You can just choose the ISO file directly if you want.

It’s possible, but not with DVD Decrypter. Unless you’re very experienced and can edit the IFO file, you need to reauthor the DVD again with the titles in a different order.

You could use an app like Ulead DVD MovieFactory to alter the video through trimming / clipping / combining until you have the order that you wish, and then create a revised DVD project, I believe.

Do I have to keep the files named DVD_VR or can I name them whatever I want?

Just follow the second quetation from imkidd57 on his #10 post.

I’m sorry that doesn’t answer my question becuase I don’t know enough about this.

I know I can just select the file I want to burn, but does the title DVD_VR have any importance? Or can I rename it “Shows from Aug 12”?

Well, it would really help if you gave us some feedback and confirmed what the file extensions are first.

If they are ‘MDS’ and ‘ISO’, and you don’t want to use the MDS file then yes, you can rename the mainpart of the ISO filename to something else.

[QUOTE=TimC;1569487]Rather than Nero to burn in (1), use the latest Imgburn. It’s free.[/QUOTE]

Hi there,
I have ripped three dvd (that I owned) and I used aimersof dvd ripper. I have the mp4 files now saved on my pc. I was told to download imgburn to burn the files on a dvd in order to play the files on a dvd player.
I’m able to see the files when I use the build mode on imgburn. What I’m missing? I burned the files using newo and I can only play them on my pc.

Welcome to the forums KCC.

Your primary problem came from using Aimersoft DVD Ripper. This not only transfers the data from the original dvds, but it also converts it to mp4 format.
Mp4 files can [B]sometimes[/B] play on modern dvd players, but you really need to check the capabilities of your player. Xvid avi files are another format that can sometimes be played on dvd players, but again, you’d need to check the manual of your player to find out what formats it can take. Can’t emphasize this enough!

The easiest solution is to simply keep them in dvd-video format. To do this you’ll need to use a decryption program and ripper (ripping means moving the data to the hard drive NOT converting it). DVD Fab HD Decrypter is a free program to decrypt and rip the movie for you. When you download DVDFab, you’ll get a free trial for all the different sections, so either use the DVD Copy section while its available, or use DVDFab HD Decrypter once the free trial ends for all the other sections.

When you rip to the hard drive the movies should be in file format. You’ll see a couple of folders, named Video_TS and Audio_TS. The Audio_TS folder will be empty, but the Video_TS folder will have vob, ifo and bup files within. This is normal.

The dvds may have to be compressed to fit onto a single layer recordable disc. You can have DVDFab DVD Copy do this while you still have the trial, or you can use other programs, like the free DVDShrink, or the high quality output DVD Rebuilder. (there is a free version of DVD Rebuilder by the way, but you need to decrypt and rip first before using it).

If you want to put more than one movie on one disc, you’ll almost certainly need to convert to other formats, like mp4 or mkv or avi, but if your player cannot use them, you’ll either need to get another player, or perhaps think about a stand alone media player like the Western Digital TV Live Hub, which would play them off an internal hard drive.

Now, on to your question about ImgBurn. It is a pure burning program. All it does is burn to a disc, it doesn’t do any type of conversion for you. Build mode in ImgBurn should have worked to burn the files to a disc, but again, everything depends on the capabilities of your player.

I guess I’ll never buy their disks again.

Thank You Kerry for replying to my question. I follow the steps and see what happens.