High Quality Multiple DVD Cases--Where to Find?

Does anybody know where I can get some high-quality multiple DVD cases with easy-to-use hubs?

I have had the worse luck finding multiple DVD cases with hubs that are easy to use. I’ve bought 10-DVD cases where the hubs are so stiff that it is difficult to snap a DVD in place or release it. In fact, I have ended up with cracked DVDs as a result of the hubs being so hard to use.

I’ve also had the problem of most places selling DVD cases made out of recycled plastic. I bought 6-DVD cases from shop4tech and had several arrive broken or chipped.

I tried the Scanavo 7-DVD cases but the hubs are nearly impossible to use–they won’t easily release the DVDs.

What brand of DVD case is good quality plus the hubs are DVD-friendly and won’t crack them? And where can I buy them?

Thanks for your help!

i use shop4tech stuff, they’re ok, when u take the disc out press on the hub, not the DVD…

Do a Google search on Amaray DVD cases. You should be able to find several suppliers.

Here is one as an example.

That is exactly what I do–I press on the hub, NEVER on the DVD! But the hub is stiff and not flexible, and doesn’t release the DVD.

Look in to Fry’s or Bestbuy, Circuit City they have variety of DVD cases.

Also you can get good ones on EBay 100 for $20