High quality *.m2v compression

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I have recently become obsessed with re-authoring DVD’s. To date I have been using DVD reauthor pro to extract audio and video from the DVD, which leaves me the m2v video stream and ac3 audio stream.

I have been using TMPGenc 4.7.x to compress them down to DVD5 size, but TMPG only has 2 pass VBR compression.

I have seen better results from say a 6 pass VBR compression using Cinema Craft Encoder, but cinema craft only accepts avi format. It doesn’t make much sense to me to go from mpeg to avi back to mpeg. Clearly I am missing something.

Could someone offer some advice on how I can get better compression, or the names of some other software? I would appreciate it.

Also I have been authoring with Adobe Encore CS4, but it has been a pain to rebuild the menus in Photoshop. If anyone has a better way of keeping menus, besides Sonic Scenarist, I would appreciate the advice.

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Rip the DVD to HDD and use DVDRebuilder to compress(with or w/o menus) to DVD-5 size using CCE as your encoder…Personally I’d use 2-pass encoding…However, if [I]you[/I] can [I]see[/I] a difference using 6-pass, have at it…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…:wink:


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I will give that a shot. the 2 pass encoding I have been using becomes noticeable when there is a lot of movement or around contrasting colors.

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Just in case anyone looks at this post in the future, the answer I got from T0nee is one way to utilize CCE to encode MPEG media, but it wasn’t the whole story.

I had problems getting DVD Rebuilder to recognize my copy of CCE, and as a result I began poking around and doing a bit of research. I am by no means a pro at this, but you do not need to use DVD Rebuilder in order to encode MPEG streams with CCE. DVD Rebuilder builds a D2V file, and an AVS (Avisynth) file. When you install avisyth, anything that reads .AVI will read the AVS file as if it is an AVI file. The D2V file is necessary to direct the AVS file on how to handle the MPEG stream, at least the way I understand it.

Avisynth is also a scripting language that is meant for non-linear video editing, not just tricking CCE to read MPEG files.

The reason I thought I should add this, is because their are other programs that can create a D2V file, such as MeGUI, and automated AVS scripts. Basic scripts are fairly easy to create using notepad after about 20 min. of poking around on google doing a little research. DVD Rebuilder requires your video already be in DVD format. It is useful, but somewhat indirect for the process I am currently using.

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Yes J.O. there is more than one way to skin a cat…And you’re correct, we can utilize an encoder via Avisynth, w/o a gui…I for instance use HCencoder with avs scripts to encode video from time to time…
Whatever works, and floats your boat eh!..:smiley:

Here’s a nice text editor for avisynth…

Thanks again T0nee,

I hope I didn’t come off as being rude in my last post. I’ve made backups of DVD9’s > DVD5 for years with DVDshrink, but have only recently become interested in authoring DVD5’s what I now consider “the correct way”. i.e. with better compression, while maintaining some original menu function, sub streams and alternate audio streams, depending on the project. I have become literally obsessed with creating the highest quality backups possible and it has taken over my life.

I have gotten tired of backups that skip or don’t load in standard DVD players. While I did look at DVD Remaker, I didn’t play around with it too much. I tried authoring untranscoded discs, and then loading them into DVD Rebuilder but I could never get it to work right with CCE.

I have been using Adobe Encore CS4 to author and the final iso’s have been flawless once burned to DVD-R. The two biggest problems I have with Encore are 1) that you must use other Adobe processes in conjunction with it, and they can seem finicky and difficult until you become familiar with them, and 2) it isn’t real stable and the video transcoding isn’t very good. I finally figured out today how to take advantage of subtitle images ripped by DVD Reauthor Pro, which was designed for use with Scenarist. Figuring out how to put together the script file and then designing a template in excel for future benefit took literally hours.

Anyway, I had never even heard of Avisynth until a day or two ago, and I figure I am not the only one. I figured I would throw it out there with the hope of saving someone a bit of time.

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Its always a bit frickleing, but Avisynth is the killer app to make it right. :slight_smile:

i have found that your can use clone dvd too rip the dvd of your choice and
and then reauthor it the way you want thru any program you choose sony vegas, pinnacle, finalcut pro, i use them all and haven’t had troubles yet.
oh yeah forgot you need the anydvd made by slysoft as well to use in conjunction with clone. i make film for a living so it makes my life alot easier when i put my movies together

i use adobe on occassion, but why work harder when you can work smarter as they say. lol!!!