High-quality DVDs will not operate on some Vista PCs



Microsoft has been forced to acknowledge that a substantial number of PCs running the new version of its Windows operating system will not be able to play high-quality DVDs.

Story: http://business.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,9075-2536050,00.html

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People will eventually accept it. They got plenty of people to accept windows ME.


this is why we have dual boot option. if you wanna enjoy vista but need less corporate control on your OS you would use winxp as your second OS.

Vista is a crippled version of windows xp since its included lots of restrictions on the user.


And what do you mean “SOME”. It’s “MOST”.

Like most people know what the hell a digital connection is.

My (40yr old) cousin recently bought a brand new 7.1 sound system, and DVD recorder system with inbuilt digital tuner …
They had trouble setting up the speaker system to get any sound out of it, they never figured out how to tune the digital tuner in the DVD recorder, and were using the analogue tuner in the TV! and to top it off, if they’d been playing a DVD, and were then watching TV, they had the TV coming out of the Front speakers of the sound system, and the DVD still playing through the rest!

Worse, they didn’t even set the clocks to the right time!

They claimed that they bought all the best gear as recommended in some magazine.

Most people don’t know squat about technology … most people know even less about computers, apart from what someone tells them. Vista is coming out, people will buy it because it’s installed on the PC (and is the latest and greatest) and they don’t know any better. M$ is banking on it, and rightly so. Ignorance creates a great market!

There will be workarounds or cracks for the system in the near future, like anything else, it just unifies crackers by challenging them with a project that benefits the consumer, rather than something destructive, like virii, eh? :wink:


LOL ! The title is somewhat misleading - Later on when reading you learn that it concerns HD-DVD and BluRay and not regular DVD. Someone will eventually make a low level app and allow playing HD-DVD and BluRay fine…But not allowing even legal owners of said media to play it on a system without a HDCP certified bloody monitor is IMO CRIMINAL and for that reason alone I have not given in to HD-DVD or BluRay CRAP.


I’m waiting for the first blu-ray Divx certified player :wink: