High quality DVDs for NEC 3500?

Here is my setup:

Software: Latest DVDShrink + Nero
Hardware: NEC 3500 using Liggy Beta
Media: Ritek R03 (rev 02) @ 8x
Player: Philip 642

For some reason, my movies always start to skip / freeze / lockup towards the end of the discs. It’s a pain in the butt. I’m using the best software/hardware/DVD player, so I think the problem exists in the Ritek R03 DVD+R media. Which media has a great price/performance ratio? Are DVD-R’s less likely to freeze / lockup? Thanks.

Looking at this scan posted by cvs, I would try some of those BenQ 8x DVD-Rs (SONY08D1)… at 16x of course! :stuck_out_tongue:
I have some, but didn’t burn any of them yet.


hey Jason i just burned 20 out of a 25 of RO3 (TRAXDATA R+ 8X )17euros for 25 . with my 3500ag and every one plays fine , im using liggys beta 8 , nero 6 , and i rip them with a liteon 811s and shrink 32
i was having the same probs with the liteon 811 freezing at the start and end
i even got good burns with cheap PRINCO 4X R-. Did u get good burns with any other media ?

same problem here, especially in my xbox, sometimes the discs will just freeze toward the end of the disc and nothing has worked, any ideas?

If you are in the USA the Newegg Ritek 4X +R that can be booktyped to -Rom might work. I have included a scan. These discs are on sale right now for 30 Dollars/100 delivered after a 10 USD mir.

These were written @ 8x using the 2.8c SE Ritek DL firmware.

Here is the Verbatim 8x (MCC003) results:

jtommyj…Here is the Verbatim 8x (MCC003) results:

Sweet burn, What speed did you burn that at?

They were both at 8x. It says on the spindle can handle 12x with some burners but i don’t trust my,err,“art” films collection overburned except on the Ritek Ricohjpn01 discs LOL.


Haha! I have a lot of the same “art” collection G…err I mean “tommy”

ROFLMAO- sup Monk