High quality DVD cases?



http://www.pcx.com.au/products/detail.asp?i=950&p=186&g=181&item=732 - I’m wondering if these are pretty good quality and stronger than just your normal case? Anyone here heard of anything similar?


If they are indeed genuine amaray cases, then they will be of very high quality. Many studios use amaray cases for commercial releases.


[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]If they are indeed genuine amaray cases[/QUOTE]Which is hard to determine, as most online shops just mention “Amaray” though what they really mean is “Amaray-[I]style[/I]”. Sneaky. :rolleyes:

EDIT They mention the model, “Red Tag”, so they should actually be genuine Amaray cases if the site is serious. This model is extremely sturdy. I’m more of a slimline cases boy myself, but these Amaray are peace-of-mind, specially since they use a low-retention hub mechanism (less stress on the disc than many cases).