High power consumption?

Is there any way to monitor how much energy a computer is using?

My energy bill, which is usually around $45, was $70 last month and the only thing which changed was my new computer. Granted my old comp was six years old so I would expect an increase, but only slight. I only have the computer on for a max of about 8 hours a day.

A few specs:

Old computer: Dell optiplex GX110
RAM: 2 sticks of 256MB (PC 100)
Video: PCI ATI Radeon 9200se
2 hard drives and 2 opticals

New Computer: put together myself
Mobo: Asus P5LD2 Deluxe
CPU: P4 650 @ 4 GHz
RAM: matched pair of OCZ gold 512MB (PC 5400)
Video: Same ATI 9200se
2 hard drives and 2 opticals

Go look at your power meter with the comp on and read the KWhr rate, then turn it off and read it again.

Similarly, read the actual meter position then check it again in a few hours and calulate the usage.

Maybe the price you pay went up but not the usage. Lots of that going around these days :frowning:

Gotta love the prescHOT! Your CPU alone eats over 100w, but I think there is a problem. There has to be another cause. There’s no way the new machine eats that much more. Something else is burning the power.

I have to agree with Deer: I have a Athlon XP 3200, 3 Big HDD’s, 2 Odd’s and an ati video card plus all the bells and whistles. At idle it burnes 219 watts, Monitor turned off burns 156 watts. You sure the price has not gone up?