High pitched whine from Liteon 241210B



On making a backup of Tweenies (BBC) which is Safedisc protected. (using Clone CD 4.019 and standard Game setting)
My liteon has taken over an hour to read 28% with the last 2% taking 20 minues!

The drive makes a high pitched whine while reading is this the fast error skip mode? Is the sound normal.

How long will it take to read the whole CD? I'm also afraid that it's prematurely wearing out my drive !


Change your error correction settings to “hardware”,read retries"0" at your writer’s profile…(rightclick the icon of your device) for the first 2% reading,it needs 3-4 min,than it will speed up…+/- 10 min total reading time…:slight_smile:


are you sure its safedisc and not laserlock?


Yes Clony confirms Safedisc.