High pitched sound

hey i’m having a problem with my computer.

This is the third time its happened. I’ll be playing an audio file (first 2 time mp3’s, 3rd time audio cd) and then all of a sudden it will stop playing and emit this high-pitched sound and it is hurtful to the ears. It fixes itself whenever i restart.

I am using winamp, 2.78 or 2.79 one of the two.
I played the audio cd in a toshibs dvd-rom/cd-rw combo drive.

I have an AMD Athlon 850 Mhz comp.
Windows ME
128MB Ram.
30gig HD.

TIA for help.

Sound card problem?

how long can you play your music without errors?

do you play the audio cd via DAE (digital audio extraction) or via audio cable (d/a converter of the drive will do the work)?

If you hear that sound, is the file still playing (at least is trying to play)?

i’m playing the cd using DAE. The palyback was for about an hour each time and then in the middle of a song it freezes. and gives the tone.

Are you using Winamp for DAE?
If it is true, you could try to play the disc within EAC “use alternate CD play routines” enabled in the “EAC options” menu.
It is difficult to help you from this distance. Probably you’ll have to try different “cases” and remove unneeded components (I think this is the method called “problem solving by reduction” ;-)).

Maybe something is overheating, but that wouldn’t explain why a simple reboot is helping.

At last: Which soundcard do you have???

i am using winamp for DAE, but i’ll try the EAC method. My soundcard is something called a VIA Audio or something to that extent.

Thanks for the help