"High Ping" All of a sudden

I have enjoyed BF2 for months now with low ping servers, but all of a sudden, this week, my ping has jumped into the 200’s for no apparent reason. I have also noticed this in programs such as eDonkey, and can’t pinpoint it.

I have Comcast Cable and have never had slow downs before. I have ran tests online at broadband sites but they seem to be nice and fast, it’s as if a program will cause my internet connection to slow down.

I have no firewall up, and have ran virus/spyware scans allready, as well as a defrag.

Any ideas? Or ideas to troubleshoot the problem?

fair usage policy???

Based on this site DSL Reports you’re not the only one having problems…Comcast is not known for fixing problems, just making sure your bill gets out on time…

Ummm, kinda off topic here but I would run a firewall. Remember, with a high speed always on connection it takes alot less time to download a virus than with dial-up.

I’d consider that as a possible cause as well, although I don’t know what Comcast are like as an ISP.

Might be worth a trawl throught their T&Cs…

Well, what would make my ping go up by x5 in the past week. It has never been this high! That is my issue, and it hasn’t been like this for the past 3 years!

look into fair usage policy first before you ask AGAIN. If you are downloading torrents all day or whatever, they throttle ur connection.

I did. They don’t say exactly how much i am allowed to use.

If that is the case, how do i get it “reset?” Do i have to switch providers?

should be back to normal if you lay low for a month. Otherwise find out if you are allowed to switch according to your terms and conditions. Alot of service providers say you have to stay with them for 1 year, etc etc etc.

out of curiosity I looked mine up, I only get 40gb down/10gb up a month :eek:

perhaps thats why the intarweb was running like ass a few months ago after I downloaded a bunch of linux distros :bigsmile:

LOL :bigsmile:

My ISP is actually pretty good. There’s a vague piece in the T&C’s about their fair usage policy, but I think they just contact you to see what’s going on, or monitor you if you “over-use” your connection. There is no fixed amount we’re allowed to download/upload.

Mine throttles the top 10% of bandwidth users during “High network utilization” times - generally business hours.
I don’t think I’ve ever been unthrottled …