High Pikes on K-Probe scans




I have always seen regular patter high pikes on my K-Probe Scans. I dont know if it is a problem of the DVD Writer or not.

Does anyone know why I have that high pikes pattern (see attached scan) on my scans?

I use an Athlon 1.39 Ghz on a QDI KinetiZ 7E-A with 512 SDRAM.
My OS is Windows XP. My DVD Writer is a LiteOn 811S with HS0P firmware (though I’ve seen that pattern with past firmware versions).



Ive seen that with nforce ide drivers. also make sure your using ASPI 4.6 as your interface.


nforce ide drivers? Do you mean motherboard drivers?..

The only “nforce” drivers I have installed are the Graphic card ones. But I cant figure out how graphic card drivers could interfere with K-Probe.

I have a GeForce2 MX400.



Yep, motherboard drivers. Roll back to the standard MS IDE drivers if you have NVidia’s IDE drivers installed, they should be better. Also, is it a 401/411 modded to 811?
If so :
should help.


Was talking about moterboard ide drivers not video drivers…it doenst sound like you have a nforce motherboard. id say you have a modded 411to811 drive…common thing i hear with those. just ignore the spikes anyways.



I have a 811 itself, not a 411to811.

As I said on my first message, I have a QDI Motherboard (QDI KinetiZ 7E-A), so no nvidia drivers installed I guess…

Thanks for the link Bhairav, I was searching for “high spikes” on the forum with no success.