High PIf spikes at the end of the disk

Hi, This forum has helped me a lot in the past :bow: , so I hope u can helped me again…I have a 100 disc spindle of Verbatim 8x -R and Im having these strange high spikes at the end of every burn, these were burnt at 6x, burning them at 4x only make thi ngs worst and for strange reason Cant burn em at 8x…
Defective? fake?
Thanks in advance…

Hi Ajua

I Was Going To Recommend You Gives This A Go:

It’s States:

"What’s new in CC1R/BC15
A new WOPC pattern.
Reduced errors at the end of the disc.
Supports +/-R media."

Sorry :doh: But C0deKing Has Remove Them For The Time Being.

Please Note Always Backup Your EEPROM Before Flashing.

Hopefully The Revised Firmwares Will Be Back Soon. :slight_smile:

Can’t help with the reason why but you could limit the burn to finish 100mb short eg if you use shrink, set preferences to custom target size less 100mb. This will remove the big spike at the end. I do this with all media to avoid any quality issues on the outer edge of the disc. cheers.

Thanks for your replies. Ill try a diff fw and will limit the size target , and see what happens…

ajua, try BYX5. Sony firmware tends to burn -R media better. You’ll find a version on my site that will allow you to flash your Liteon and you can patch the firmware to display the Liteon ID by using OmniPatcher. :wink:


Thanks Codeking, I did that, same thing, oh well, maybe a bad batch… :Z