High PIF Readings - what do they mean?



I’ve got a friend who burned a dvd-r disc on their LiteOn burner. It is a Ritek G04 disc. Now, I have a LiteOn and I burn dvd+r with excellent PI/PIF results. Well, this G04 disc plays perfectly, no glitch, or flaws in picture. So, out of curiosity I asked them to run it through Kprobe, well, the PI’s were up in the 100’s and the PIF went up to 50 in one spot and consistantly stayed around 20. Yes, this disc plays with no problems.

So, what do these PI/PIF scans really mean? I thought if the PIF scan was too high that the disc probably wouldn’t work. Do high PIF results just mean the disc is more likely to fail sooner? As in have a shorter life span?


Can anyone answer this?