High PIE's @ Disc beginning

On a few disks ive burnt recently there has been a single PIE spike in the first ~100mb. Any explaination for this?

Benq DW1640 BSLB
YUDEN000 T03
Plextor DVD+R 16x
Burnt at 8x

Is SolidBurn On for known media? I also get that spike on my T03’s burned in my 1650, with SolidBurn ON for known media.

OFF For supported
ON for unsupported

Ive had these settings for a while, its only the last 5 discs ive burned have had the spike from 20-60pie’s.

20-60pie’s is [B]not[/B] a high spike. You have nothing to worry about.

^ True, but i was wondering the reason for a string of these spikes on the past 4/5 discs ive burnt, and it was something i hadnt experienced before.

Are they the top of the stack or bottom? I sometimes get that when top or bottom of stack.

Driving starting to go bad?

Or maybe… my Sony CRX230ED CD-RW used to show errornously high amounts of errors in the beginning of scans, but only on the first scan (not sure first after what). I’d cancel the scan and start it over and I’d get reliable results.

I really think people are taking K-probe and cdspeed WAY too seriously. It might not even exist on the disc, might just be the burner and either way it’s too small to cause problems.

If there is an actual error or something worth worrying about, it will be visible on a transfer rate test on multiple drives.

Just my personal opinion:

Scans are good, and fun, but I think really they need to be used in conjunction with a TRT.

I don’t include TRTs with all my scans (don’t have time to do both often), but when I do, I use my pickiest reader. :wink:

Your NEC?

Yeah, if it’s installed. Failing that, LGs I find are reasonably picky (well, the ones I have!). :slight_smile:

it could be just the disc

most of my cmc made mcc004 bacthes have early spikes. then some batches do not. my yuden t02 does not. some of my sony mids have the early spike. again it could be just the media. i’d pop in another batch or different media to see if you get the spike.

I’ll back this up. :iagree:

I’m scanning like mad (in different scanners, at different speeds…), perhaps more than all other CDFreaks, except maybe [B]Dee-27 [/B]and [B]DrageMester[/B]. :bigsmile: And I encounter such PIE “spikes” at the beginning of the disc in lots of Benq scans with +R*. Most of the time [B]it’s just a glitch[/B] and is definitly a Benq quirk. Same discs scanned in LiteOn or NEC don’t show such a spike. So there’s really, really nothing to worry about. :cool:

  • you say you didn’t experience this before, maybe it’s because before, you used -R discs?

I think it may well be a Benq glitch, like the one in the speed curve that some people experience. I havent really been using using -R recently, been burning the same batch as the first scan.

After investigating my scans database, I noticed that one of my two 1650 units produces such a PIE spike more often than the other. Also, scans at high speed (@12X and @16X) are more likely to trigger this glitch than @8X scans.

As a sidenote, maybe this is related to the fact that CDSpeed can’t pre-accelerate Benq drives before scanning starts, whatever the time you set in the preferences. NEC and LiteOn drives benefit from this pre-acceleration so scanning starts with the drive already spinning at the right speed, which may explain why such a glitch is strictly a Benq peculiarity…

Same disc scanned three times (first 100MB) in the same unit:

Hmm i might try the force spin up tool and do a scan.

I was going to point out that this is usually just a side effect of a lack of spin-up, but looks like you guys are catching onto it already ;). Scanning in my 1640 has become so second nature that I think I usually just start, then restart by instinct if I see an early spike, but this is not a common issue for my drive.