High PIE towards the end of disc

I use Memorex (Ritek G04) and Memorex (CMC MAG AM3) and I notice I’m getting high PIE towards the end of the disc. And I notice I have an overall higher average PIE (max around 700s) than other scans I see here. Thought NEC 3540a was suppose to be a good burner overall. Any ideas?

Try some other media - in my experience Memorex doesn’t have a consistent quality. Burning at a lower speed may also benefit your burn quality in this case (however lower is not always better).

That’s because you scan at maximum speed (which is 16X). This speed wil always report higher PIE levels at the end of the disc.

Scan @5X with the 3540A. :slight_smile:

I scanned the same DVD in my liteon 411 and it gave me super high PIFs that dropped the quality score to 70, yet the same disc scanned on my NEC 3540a didn’t show any critical PIFs, which scan should I rely on?

Neither of those drives is reliable for scanning, but if you scan at 4X, the Liteon is more accurate for PIE.

So I’m guessing the Benq 1640 is the most reliable for scanning? I see everyone here use Benq when they compare the quality scan among different brands of DVDs.

For some reason, the DVDs I burn on my Liteon 411 cannot be read by my NEC 3540a, yet my Pioneer DVR-110D can read it fine. Why can’t my NEC 3540a read the DVD? It will spin up the DVD but when I point windows explorer to the disc, it shows nothing. Boggles the mind.

Actually, the Liteons are the most accurate, I read of some problems with the 4xx series but I have no direct experience. The BenQs are still accurate and reliable between scans, and variations when compared to Liteon are generally small (TYG02 is a notable exception). I hear Plextor will scan as well but few here spend the extra that they charge.


I repeat myself: scan @5X with the 3540A! As long as you scan at max. speed, you’ll get useless PIE reporting.

The 3540A can be a reliable scanner if you take into account that it reports higher PIE errors than “good” scanners (LiteOn burners and Benq 1640). PIF error reporting of the 3540A, on the other hand, is similar to these drives.

Didn’t know the 411 was unreliable for scanning. Is it because it’s an old model?

I read some time ago that some of the 4xx series Liteons were problematic. I cannot recall whether it was the 451 or 411 which is why I was cautious.

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chas0039… I would say; a long time ago.
It’s almost two years since we experienced this, wit our Litey’s 411s .

Mine 411 never managed to repport a good (PI/PO) scan on any DVD-R media.