High PI/PO at 4x, Fine At Max on LDW-811s



As the title suggests, I am in a bit of a pickle when trying to kprobe a dvd at 4x setting. Normally I’d think that the DVD was just junk, but it reads perfectly fine in both my LDW-811s ( the drive it was burned on) and my Pioneer DVD-117 DVD-ROM. Here’s the basic gist, and you’ll be able to see from my kprobe scans attatched.

My setup:
Lite-on LDW-811s
AMD XP 1700 on an ECS K7S5A
512mb OCsystem PC2700
Windows 2000 SP4
Nero Ultra

The disc being tested is a RICOHJPNR01 sold as Imation 4x burned at 8x.

I’d also like to note that pretty much all media that I have burned is producing the same results.

Any ideas?


at max:


I’m not sure I see a question in your post, but if your question is “why does media scan better at max than at 4x”, Read This .

The short answer is that your burn appears to be very low quality.

Edit, you just posted the second image so I guessed right. :wink:


Old story for me… My f****** 811S is just crap. I hope my new NEC 2500A which arrives soon will do better.


Thanks for the help…but I guess the major question is, what can I do about it? Just new disc brands?

I had thought that people trusted ricohjpn media, perhaps not.


Based on that one scan, it’s impossible to say. But your drive may well be out of whack. Suggest a new batch of Ricoh, if it’s the same then a new drive might be in order.


This seems to be a common problem with the 811S. I get the same results, and I’ve seen lots of comments from people with the same problem. Hideous 4x scans, decent (but not great) scans at max. If you look through the media test forum you’ll see tons of really bad looking 4x scans on 811S drives. I think these 4x scans are not indicative of the actual quality of the burn. For some reason the 811S reports massive PI/PO numbers when scanning at 4x. Any ricohjpn disk I’ve made gives a lousy 4x scan, yet has a smooth transfer rate test graph and no errors shown on a scandisk test.


Whatever speed you are scanning at, the errors reported are the actual errors that occured. You will not see this happen on a high quality burn. It’s just one of the mysteries of error scanning, but the numbers are real. Consider it a warning from your drive that all is not well with the disc.


rdgrimes, could you please help me with this? First scan is a ricohjpnr01 written at 8x by my 811S with F/W HS0K. The second scan is the same disk scanned on my 812S with F/W US0N. The third scan is a transfer rate graph on the same disk using the 811S as the reader. Why would the 811S make such a horrible kprobe scan, but the 812S scan and the transfer test look great? Is it a bad burn or a good burn?

Based on your earlier comments, I suspect you’ll think it’s a bad burn. But why does the 812S scan and the transfer test look so good?


In general, all 812 drives are much better readers than the X11 drives.


so do you think it could be a reading issue, a writing issue, or both? Unfortunately my pioneer drive can’t cd/dvd quality test at different speeds so I’m unsure of a way to figure this out.


There’s nothing to figure out. You can’t compare scans from different drives except in a very general way. The conclusion to be inferred from your multiple scans of the same disc is that the 812 appears to be a better reader than the 811. This does not mean that all 812’s are better than all 811s. It only meand that the disc in question is more difficult to read for your 811. Another disc might well produce identical scans in both drives.

Try a pressed DVD in both drives and see how they compare.