High PI failures towards end of disc

i bought some taiyo Yuden dvd-r 8x. after scanning my burns i get high PI failures towards the end of the disc. my burner is liteon 812s.
Does anyone know why this happens?
Is there any way to fix it?
Is my burner the problem?

here is a pic of the scan.

Once you have faliures you can’t fix them. How are you storing these by the way? Do they have sticky labels?

the blank dvds are in the plastic wrapping they came with.
i just got them today and they do not have any sticky labels on them.

So these are all new? Where did you buy them?

After looking on videohelp the drive itself seems to have mixed reviews, and on lite-ons’ own site the official firmware showed it was last updated Feb 2004.

Take a look in the lite-on section of the forum and see if there is any more up-to-date modded firmware available, it may help.

yeah the dvds are new.
i bought them from a supplier online.

thanks for your help ill check that out.
here is a scan i just did with a different media
burnt 10 days ago.

I wonder where the PIF spike comes from… dust or dirt on the disc?
Scan another MCC disc :wink:

all the dvds ive burnt and tested today all show a spike at the same position.

I see all those discs have that spike. Try another drive for scanning and/or burning.

I believe it might be a bug in the firmware, or with the MediaTek chip (don’t quote me on that, though).

As suggested, try and find some modded firmware (in the LiteOn sub-forum).

Edit: OK, here’s some Codeguys firmware that will crossflash your 812S to an 832S - http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/dvdrw/832S.VS0M.patched-cf.rar

Do be aware, if you use it, any warranty on the drive will be void.


i just did another burn on the taiyo yuden discs.
the test was the worst this time.
so i decided to reburn the exact same data.
the results for the second disc turned out the same. i stopped it early.

This is leading me to think drive problems unless the TYs are fake. TYs are considered one of the best. Try burning one of your discs in a friends DVD writer if you can and see what sort of scan you have. This will help track down if it is drive or discs.

I wonder what the serial numbers around the hub of those discs are?

It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a drive problem - crossflashing my old LDW-851S to an 832S seemed to give it a new lease of life, burning wise.

serial numbers are GG000077… also there is also in smaller font on the opposite side “0805”

i am currently burning a disc with the modded firmware.
i will post quality read when done.

Genuine TY, it would appear :slight_smile: - although if this burn doesn’t help, or if they don’t burn well in another drive, you could have got a defective batch.

Good luck, fingers are crossed!

ok well these results are much better.
however i’m still getting that spike just passed the 1 gig mark.

thanks for all your help guys.

OK, if you scan with KProbe2, there’s an option to remove that spike, since it’s a known problem.

Glad the overall scan is looking waaaaaay better, though :clap: :slight_smile:

And if you scan at 4x, which is the standard scan speed for older LiteOn drives, your scan will look even better :iagree:

As Arachne corectly says , scan at 4x. It’s only the latest models where 8x scanning is generally recommended.

The other point is that the earlier Liteons were generally better burners with +R media.

Also from reading the threads on interpreting scans a single large spike that has no relation to the rest of the scans can be ignored.

Repeated spike @ the same location indicates that there’s dirt/dust on laser diode rails.

well it seems the problem still occurs even with the modded firmware.
here are 2 scans i did of the same disc.
one at 8x the other at 4x

also is it normal for the burnt surface 2 have 2 different colour shades.
i.e about 1 cm radius is a different colour and then the rest of the disc is the same