HIGH PI Errors?

My DVD is readable but as seen in attached CDSpeed result I received high PI Errors. What would be the next logical step to improving results? Different DVD Media, firmware, burn software, …

Burned using NeroVision Express 2 to Memorex DVD+R

Indeed, your PI values aren’t ideal. I’d first try to upgrade your firmware. I see you have a 411S drive. That drive is known to be rather picky with media. You might want to use our search functionality to search the Media forum and the LiteOn forum for scans of discs written with other 411S drives.

If you want to go for the safest choice available, see that you get your hands on some Tayo Yuden media, as it’s simply the best around. Other very good media exsists, but it can’t beat TY :).

And btw… be welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks I did just update the firmware and had similar results. I will try different media.


Don’t mention it :slight_smile:

Just keep us updated… we always like to hear ppl’s experiences, as others may benefit from them as well!


Totally agree with Dee-ehn-

Get great results with Tayio Yuden media too…