High PI Errors with NEC ND-3550A

I purchased the NEC ND-3550A (fw 1.Y6) a couple of months ago. My qs has normally stayed between 95-98 but I find my PIE to be unusually high. I’ve come across information that says that NEC drives tend to magnify PIE but I have not been able to find any black-or-white answers to my problem. I’m using TYs -R 8x and burning at 4x. I’ve tested multiple DVDs and the PIE are always averaging very very high. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

What’s happened when you’ve burned at 8x - the rated media speed?

Well, look at that! I’d say that’s a bit of improvement.

Hi, Megan3142
I’m wondering what you’ve done made it much better in the 2nd post. Burn at 8x?
It drives me crazy since I’m suffering from exactly the same prob. And I cannot test it with 8x because of slow transfer rate of my laptop.

TimC meant BURNT at 8x, not TESTED at 8x - the ‘standard’ for NECs is 5x for testing, although they are not the best drives for testing, regardless of speed. In addition, their reported PIE levels are usually not accurate, although the PIF levels are usually reported with fair accuracy.

The reason for suggesting an 8x test is that most media will burn better at its rated speed than any other speed, with some exceptions (one being that 16x media nearly always burns best at 12x or even 8x).

Sorry, I wasn’t clear :doh:
I mean I cannot try to burn at 8x, because my PC Card is not fast enough. That’s why I have to wait [B]Megan3142[/B]'s answer.
If he confirms the problem [B]is[/B] burning 8x disc at 4x, I’ll go get a faster PC Card.

I’d say that this just proves once again, that the NEC 3550/3551/4550/4551 are looney scanners!

Each of these drives can have a different idea of which scanning speeds are useful and which are ludicrous, and there’s no guarantee that there will be even a single useful scanning speed for PIE.

For my NEC 4551 the only useful scanning speeds for PIF are 1x and 12x with 1x being most reliable, but too slow for everyday use. On my drive 5x and 8x scans are totally useless for PIE and PIF, and 1x/12x scanning speeds are not at all comparable to other drives for PIE levels.

Megan3142, I suggest you stick with 8x scanning speed for your particular 3550 drive if that gives you useful scans, and ignore it if someone else tells you that “5x is the standard scanning speed for NEC drives so you must use that”!

The problem here is, how can anyone suggest what speed is giving ‘useful’ scans, she will at the very least need another scanning drive to make comparisons to see which speed comes closest to reported errors to that other drive. Just because the 8x scan has lower errors and more believable PIE levels doesn’t necessarily indicate the most trustworthy scan. To my eyes, the 8x scan does look more believable than the 5x scan, but we have no point of reference in the form of scans from other drives to know if there’s any accuracy to EITHER of the scans, and furthermore the PIE levels are likely highly inaccurate in even the 8x scan. If I had to guess, the 8x scan is reporting PIFs with decent accuracy, but, without any comparisons from other drives, for all we know the 5x is more accurate (I doubt this, but it’s impossible to say without reference).

Sorry to complicate matters, but it’s really not possible to decide which speed is reporting with the most accuracy without comparisons to other drives (preferably not a NEC since we have already made it clear that they are erratic drives for testing).

Alright, sorry it has taken so long for me to post again. I had work this morning.

Anyway, my first scan was a DVD burnt at 4x and then tested at 5x.
The second scan is of a DVD that was burnt at 8x and then tested at 8x.

Well, I wanted to provide a comparison scan of the disc burnt at 8x with a test at 5x but for some reason now, CDSpeed is not picking up the NEC drive at all.

I’m going to mess around with my computer and see if I can’t figure this out.

Alright, this is the same disc as the one in the second pic, however this scan was done at 5x rather than 8x.

I hope this is what ya’ll wanted to see to compare.

Thanks for your scan, [B]Megan3142[/B]!