High PI at begining of TYG05 on 3550A

Hello, 1st post, so be gentle. :slight_smile: I couldn’t find anything searching, so I posted this.

Anyway, I just got a NEC 3550A and the TYG02 dvd-rs I’m using are at 20-25 PI avg the 1st gig, then drop down to 10 and gradually go down to 2.5 by the end of the disc. I know 20-25 isn’t really “high” for a dvd-r, but being TY and being only the start of my discs, I’m kinda suspicious.

I did 8x on a Ridata G05 and it didn’t do this, it had a consistent PI. I’m burning at 8x as they are 8x rated discs. It’s as if they don’t like the slow start up speed. So is there anything I can do to correct this or are there other people with this drive and media having the same thing happen?

Are you talking Max PIF or Max PIE? If Max PIE, 20-25 is still good. What you really look at is Max PIF (4 max for ECC1 and 16 max for ECC8). I don’t know if you are using the NEC for scanning which is not the best for that purpose. Lite-On and Benq burners give more reliable quality scans than NEC. Post your scans here so we can see what you quality scans on the TY.

PIE, my PIF seems good. I am scanning with my old Pioneer 104. I would just like the quality at the begining like I’m getting for the rest.

Pioneer 104 is not one of the best scanners so I can’t rely on its scans. Set DVDInfo to scan at diff speeds. 4X, 8X and see if you are getting similar scans. Try the NEC to scan the disc. Start with 5X then 8X to see what kind of scan you get. I wouldn’t worry too much about PI Peak. You are looking at the wrong problem. What you should be looking at is PO Peak which is the same as PI Failures (PIF). One scan shows a peak of 28, that’s double the accepted max on ECC8 scanning. These high peaks cause problems because when you play the disc in stand alone players, the part where there’s too much PO, the disc will freeze or the video will skip. Since the scan is made with the Pioneer, it’s had to know if the high PO is due to the burn or the Pioneer. Another question, you are using TYG02 which is Taiyo Yuden. Are these value line TY? It could also be the disc since it may be fake.

I’m not seeing where I can adjust scan speed, but I have scanned with the NEC and I get 5x the errors reported and it still drops off after a gig. I do believe it’s partly the media, like it doesn’t like this drive. I got them from supermediastore, would hope they weren’t fake.

Yup, you would get a more accurate scan with the NEC. Not the most accurate but certainly better than the horribly outdated 104.

Now this doesn’t seem more accurate to me. If it is, then I am fairly dissappointed. I only have 2 burners, but if you guys think the problem is going to disappear with a different scanner, then I can scan them on friends drives. I really don’t think the scanning is the issue, but the burning.

Here’s a scan of a ridata G05 I burnt with the 3550A. No problems what-so-ever at the begining.

The burning may be the prolem, but it is much more likely that your burns are good and the NEC is just showing ridiculous levels of PIE errors.

In my experience the PIE levels in a NEC 355x/455x scan should just be ignored, and you should make your decision based only on PIF levels.

If your friend has a Plextor, LiteOn or BenQ drive, then it would be helpful for you to scan your disc on his drive. If he also has a NEC drive then you will probably not be any wiser after checking your burn in his drive.

A simple Read Transfer test (e.g. on the Benchmark tab in Nero CD-DVD Speed) is also a very valuable tool in determining the quality of a burn!

Again you are focusing on the wrong issue. If you take a look at the scan of G05, the PO peak of 349 is terrible :Z . The max should only be 16 on ECC8. Now on the other hand the PO peak of 5 for TYG02 is good. I am a little concerned as well on the high PI in the beginning though with the TY. I also own the 3550, but I don’t use it for burning. Excellent ripper though. I definetly don’t use it for scanning. Try your friend’s burner to see if you get better result with your disc. Also update your firmware on 3550 if you haven’t. Try using different software for burning. I use ImgBurn, Nero, and CloneCD for my burning. I get better results with the CloneCD with my 3550 so I tend to stick with it. Your Pioneer is outdated so it may not be able to handle the 8X burning with the TY.

ya, I agree that my pioneer isn’t good for PIF and that the G05 with 349 max is prolly missinterpreted. But for PIE, the 3550A is way off. The Ridata I have are getting sent back and it seems the PIF on the TYG02 is fine. It’s just all the scans I have seen on the site, I haven’t seen consistent higher PIE at the begining. Oh and I have tried 2 different burning apps with the same results. Also I have the newest official firmware to my knowledge and Liggy and Dees firmware doesn’t add any new strategies for TYG02, so it’s pretty useless for me.

Maybe it’s time to invest in a new burner. Benq and Lite-on burners are good scanners. I just ordered the new Benq 1655 from NewEgg. I read that it is similar to the 1640 with the Lightscribe. The 1640 is considered one of the best all around burner here, but it’s scarce now.

You might want to look at the other post in the media forum about problems with tyg02 media from super media store. With value line media, you are likely to encounter problems from time to time. Also note that you Ritek G05’s didn’t even produce a quality score. They were horrible. Wait and buy the real TY’s on sale, or buy Verbatims on sale if you want good media.

I’m starting to think this problem is in fact the discs. I have gotten a reduce in PIE number by burning at 6x and 12x, don’t ask why, but I still get a gradually decreasing graph, not so much when I burn on my pioneer though. I wasn’t thinking that the set burn speed is actually reached pretty quick and should be ruled out as a problem. I’m exchanging Ridatas at Meritline for Taiyo Yudens. Should I get more -R or spend the extra money on the +R? Meritline is pretty high for +R, like $20 more :a I would be grateful if more people could share their knowledge with me on this, thx.

Oh, and it didn’t produce a quality score, cause I stopped it.

All my NEC 8x burns (3540, 4550) of TYG02 show a similar pattern, whatever the scanner. It’s certainly the writing strategy of these drives, as the same discs burnt in my Benq 1640 give more or less constant PIE values in scans. So it’s very unlikely that the discs are of lesser quality.

If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with these numbers, and considering that both of your drives report higher PIE values than LiteOn or Benq drives, there is nothing to worry about.

If you really, really want constant ultra-low PIE levels with TYG02, you need to burn them in a Benq, LG or Plextor drive, not in a NEC drive. :frowning: (don’t know about the LiteOn).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Xan, if you have a Staples you can go to, buy the Sony DVD+R “Made in Japan (MIJ)”, not the DVD-R or any “Made in Taiwan (MIT).” The DVD+R MIJ discs from Sony are Taiyo Yuden MID YUDEN000 T02. These are excellent discs, and they are on sale until the Saturday at $14.95 per 50 spindles. This deal is even better than what you get at Rima.com or Supermediastore.com right now. And if you have empty ink cartidges, Staples will give you $3 coupon per cartridge toward any purchase. Stock up with 4 or 5 spindles as Sony don’t go on sale that often, and the MIJs are hard to find in other stores like Best Buy.

Francksoy, that’s what I 1st thought. Were you using - or +R? I’m curious if +R has this problem as well or if Liggys firmware with bitsetting corrects this. I might get +R next if this can get fixed. Your input on your experience regarding this was really helpful, TY. :slight_smile:

scarfaceal, ya, that’s a REALLY good deal, but I get printable and I’m going to have a $27 credit at meritline. I don’t really burn that much either, so after my replacement discs I’ll have twice as much as I would normally get.

Scanning with Pioneer burner often produce a unrealistic spike like that. I wouldn’t worry about it.

TYG02 is -R media. :wink: - The +R 8X code is YUDENT02.