High oil prices = war?



High oil prices = war?

Does anyone see a pattern emerging in the world history concerning oil prices?
Prices of fossil fuels tend to go up before wars, as the governments stockpile both the fossil fuel & reap cash from levis/taxes in order to fund the war machine.

Are we unconsciously funding the next world war?


I don’t think so. I think it may have more to do with instability in the Middle East and China’s growing economy. According to some that believe the Hubbert peak theory, we may have reached peak oil production and unless new reserves are opened up then demand for oil will increasingly outstrip demand, causing prices to continually rise.


There will be one, between the EU and Russia/China–most likely b/c of the instability over the Middle East and disruptions of oil supply. Just recent articles on China’s burgeoning energy needs and clamor for oil really fuels (pardon the pun) that outcome.

The interesting historical parallel is that Hitler tried to secure the oil fields in Persia (Iraq and Iran) in WWII, and had he done so, Germany might have won the war.


What the Oil Companies get for there oil is peanuts, it the bloody TAX man (governments) that reaps the rewards from it all, last time i heard it was about 75% tax, OK, the price of crude oil has doubled over the last year or two, which should put a few pence on to the ltr, but in that 2 week trip away offshore the petrol has went up about 10p.

I bet the americans are glad of there prices now.

A mate was saying today that he seen on TV that a lady was complaining of having to spend $25 to fill here tank up, try £45-£50 to fill mine, yes i am a wee bit pissed off :Z

Petrol wars here we come :bigsmile:


Thats awfully large peanuts you’re used to.


Yeah, there’s more to oil than what you buy at the fuel pumps.


Correct, i help drill for it.


Yeah, I forget what percentage gasoline is (once it’s refined, of course) of crude oil, but it’s small in reality


Are we unconsciously funding the next war ? No
Are prices anywhere near the highest they have been historically ( in real terms) - No - not even close.
Do prices need to go even higher for the long run survival of the planet ? yes
Will prices continued to rise over the coming decades - yes - a racing certainty.


just wish i was an oil baron or the missus was! even with petrol taxes being so high(UK) still think they make a killing


Isn’t Oil the reason Governor Bush (The Monkey) went to war? :confused: :Z
What does IRAQ sit on?
I’ll give you hint!!!


Well, wars were actually never about civilians, more about their believes, scapegoats and the country’s natural resources.

Does anyone see a pattern emerging in the world history concerning oil prices?
Nah. Usually a big economic crash makes a lot of people angry.

Are we unconsciously funding the next world war?

Not all unconsciously, some are actually investing in them. Are you reading this Dick Cheney!!?


Your assuming he knows how I don’t think that has ever been proven!!! :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: