High error count - 52327S



I’ve completed my first few burns with my new Lite-on 52327S. However, it seems as if I’m getting an unusally large C1 count, at least compared to all the results I’ve seen being posted on these forums. I don’t have any place to host my KProbe pics atm, but I’ll try to be as detailed as possible.

52327S - QS04 w/ June mfg. date
Nero 5.x
WinXP Pro SP1

Media: Plain Fuji 48x (TY)
Write speed: 48x
Read speed: Max

C1 Max = 30
Total = 15222
Avg = 4.214

C2 - none.

Btw… The graph peaks several times, with the highest peak right in the middle of the graph. It goes up and down a few times…

Should I be concerned? I know that even with the error count I’m getting I’ll have no problems reading the CD or anything. But I was expecting counts much lower than what I’m getting… I mean, I’m getting better results with the PX-R820T that I just replaced… :Z


That’s a bit higher than expected, but not disfunctional. What does it do burning at 52x? My 7S does not like TY as much as my 6S does, so try some other media too.


At 52X on the same media with that drive, I’m getting C1 max 8, average 0.381, no C2 (which is significantly lower C1 than I was getting with my 40125S at 40X…)


Not much difference burning a partially filled CD (22:48:18) @ 52x.

C1 Max = 26
C1 Total = 10775
Average = 7.593

Does it matter what you’re burning? Or what write method you use? Anything else that would cause a higher error count? Background apps, perhaps?

Btw, I’m getting much better error counts on the included RiTek media and on “eProformance” Prodisc media… Way better than TY. :confused:

Another update… It’s definitely the TY media I’m using. Burned another disc with max 56, total 22390, and avg 6.279. The graph has a similar pattern to the first TY disc I burned…


Vertigo, there’s a new binary firmware available for your drive , QS09, that looks very good. Get a copy of ltnflash and flash your drive. See the post “new liteon binaries”.


I did as you suggested and noted a large improvement. However, my overall numbers are still quite off because of a large spike in C1 errors around the 50 minute mark on my TY media. The rest of the graph stays <10, but jumps to >30 from the 45-60 min mark. That is the only noteworthy spike in the graph…

Also, when I test the media at 32x or slower instead of max in KProbe, I get much better results, almost consistent with what you’ve been reporting. Any insight into this? I’ve got comparisons saved in jpg form, but have nowhere to host them…


It’s normal for slower read speed to give different results. Your media could be the problem, it’s hard to say.


Vertigo, take a look at this thread for pic hosting.


Thanks for the heads up.

Here’s a burn @ 40x on TY media, read at max speed…

Here’s the same disc but read at 32x…

And here’s another disc burned @ 40x on TY media…

All of the above were using the QS09 firmware.

Now is there any way to tell from these graphs what my problem is?


I would want to see scans on different media types before making any asumptions. Could just be dodgy media.


Ok… Here’s a burn at 32x on SmartBuy (Prodisc) media…

And here’s a burn at 40x on TDK (Ritek) media…

Thanks for the consideration you’re giving this, rdgrimes!