Hi guys,

I have been useing this website for a few years now and all ways find what i am looking for but this time i can’t so i have registered, i trying to find out how i can turn my AVI’s or DVD’s in to HD DVD so i can watch them on my HD DVD Player, i have looked all over the net but the only thing i can find on the subject is that the files are in MPEG 2 but that it can any one help plz.

Many thanx guys.

Ulead software now supports HD-DVD disc creation, suggest you check it out.
Ulead VideoStudio 10-plus will convert to HD then author a disc. Do you have some of these discs lying around to burn, and a HD-DVD burner?

If your player supports playback of MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 files from DVD that are in high-res formats, that might be another way to go.

This stuff would look ugly on a HD player.