High-definition videodiscs: The route to a single standard

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the main point of intrest to me is the ability to record your own “blu-ray or hd disk”.As these recorders will only come after a year or so after the fist wave of blu ray/hd dvd “players”.Dual layer recordable disks still give us an idea of cost, as there is still a high failiure rate in production and the very high price compared to 4.7 gig disks

I don’t even care anymore, both formats can go to hell!!!

I wonder if anyone has thought to make a player and recorder that will do both hd-dvd and blu-ray…sort of like dvd+R and dvd-R…hmmm

I think the two formats are a lot more different than dvd+r and dvd-r are.

The only way I would start investing $$ into this new technology would be if they had a player that handled all formats. No multi-compabitability player, no sale. I’m sticking with current gen DVD.:S

Forgot something…on the subject of HD Formats, I can wait for the Xbox 360!! No matter which format you decide you go with Microsoft, I’m down. Screw the PS3 :S …who are you trying to kid with all those rendered videos your putting out there. Get a life Sony and look at what Epic is putting out with Gears of War. :X Thats what your up aganist. No matter how much you hype up your PS3, I am not falling for it again. I learned my lesson with your so called “Emotion Engine” - so impressive. You hyped that up so much…crap. Xbox rules.:S

Long live DVD! :g

XBOX fan girl…shut up
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don’t be mad at me because your crappy PS2 won’t read your games anymore because SONY SUCKS…just like you :wink:

xbox rocks

actually zog your right, but you could market a multi player like this - i.e. plays hd-dvd and blu-ray. It would simply come down to using 2 different lasers in the player, something that is already done on many cd/dvd players. Someone will surely do it. The thing about this ‘format war’ is that it’s all hype to sell product by both camps. This is nothing like beta max vs. vhs. not only was this at a different time, but the media were phsically different in vast ways, requiring seperate units for either a vhs or a beta. Unlike hd-dvd and blu-ray, which only require a different laser. Of course that may not even be the case either, i mean i’m almost sure i read a story here a few days ago about hd-dvd going to blu lasers also.

yes, but they probably produce Dual format readers… but as for WRITERS, it could take some time… and i don’t understand why they didn’t put a protective case around those blueray disks. (ok i do, for the production costs). because that “case” would be a very good protection against scratches and sunlight! And speaking about consoles, it’s NOT about the hardware… it’s how good the GAMES are. And that’s why A PS1/2/3, XBOX1/360, nintendo N64/NGC/revolotion are all GOOD/the best to play on! :g