High-definition DVDs prepare for battle to become accepted

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  As consumers  gradually change over to  HDTV sets,        the demand for HDTV  content also increases.  Current optical  media  contenders are Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.   Both formats use a...
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This upgrade cycle will be about getting DRM into the homes of people, and it might also have some nice features like better sound and picture but DRM is what the main focus will be on. Hollywood makes movies, not TVs or DVD players so they don’t care if the electronics companies and consumers twist in the wind forever waiting for HD content. DVDs make so much money now, Hollywood has no reason to switch to something new. Not one group in Hollywood wants HD, the backend production (sound and video) needs to be upgraded, old actors need to be replaced with younger actors who look good in HD (does anyone look good on HD?) all the trades people need to learn and make major changes.

Anyone know anyone with an HDTV set? Anyone planning to buy one in Europe or know where you can buy one? I don’t…so I think this story is a bit premature, since HD-TV best lends itself to the flat screen market, be they LCD or Plasma. And lets face it manufacturers aren’t even supplying those in Europe with built in Digital Tuners yet, let alone HDTV derivatives, and High def. tuners. Sorry folks HD-TV is a little way off yet…so if you’re waiting to upgrade, personally I’d get yourself a stop gap between now and then, I did when I bought in a Hitachi 42" Plasma, that’ll keep me going until these technologies arrive…

Most people around me interest in AV have HDTV sets. When you say HDTV is a little way off, please add that it is about Europe if you meant Europe. US and Asia are not as reluctant to upgrade to HD as Europe.

Ur not wrong there Kenshin…sometimes, in some things Europe behaves like some backward inbred country bumpkin…! And yes indeed I was referring to Europe, hence the question does anyone know where to buy an HDTV set in Europe? I think Sky have commited to broadcasting their programmes in HDTV at a premium price, but god knows when. Perhaps for those of you from countries where HDTV exists already you can indicate to us “country bumpkins” whether you pay a premium for it, whether it’s just been a gradual cut over process, or you get it when you get the appropriate kit?

That’s way I started the article as "As consumers gradually change over to HDTV sets, the demand for HDTV content also increases. . . " :stuck_out_tongue: I got a HDTV set (Panasonic PT-AE300E 1280p native projector) and I’m in Ireland. Maybe in Europe the consumers are waiting for HDTV content first before making the change :X

I don’t understand… Microsoft has demonstrated the HDTV quality with their Windows Media on normal DVDs (e.g., Terminator 2 Extreme Edition), I am sure, similar is possible with MPEG4 or other codecs as well. Why do we need BlueRay & Co.? To record HDTV content?

The reason america has been so quick to jump onto HDTV and the UK and other places in Europe aren’t too bothered is because in America, standard TV is not as high quality as standard TV is in the UK. We have a higher resolution as standard and so for us, we have no huge need to instantly jump to something better. In the US however your standard TV isn’t as good quality so your dying to upgrade it.