High-definition DVD market disappoints retailers

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 heystoopid used our news submit to tell us: "As to be expected,  the initial sales have been lacklustre for both competing formats, with many  customers initial expectations with Blu-ray, being...
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Not surprised that the “demonstration” was flashier than the actual product results. They are in the business of selling, so they know how to “tweak” things to make it look the best to lure someone to buy. QVC is masterful at the practice of building stuff up, to entice people to buy, for example, but once you do some online research, you find that with QVC, you’d better wait until you do some research and NOT buy on impulse. These days, this is especially true with any new product offering, and not unlike deciding on whether to upgrade your burner’s firmware until you see how a significant number of users have tried it, and there’s enough information to really make an informed decision on whether it’s a good idea to “go for it” or not.

Lets face it: Everbody ( almost ) is quiete happy with the DVD… Even the DL are becoming more atractive… Blue Ray? DRM? Protections? No copys? No full resulation? Too much complication… Long live the DVD:S

Link doesnt work. Why would anyone be surprised? To sell smth well on top of flashy slogans u need quality, convenience of use, compatibility and lots of other extras called benefits. So far the responce is mainly negative. Need of HDMI some time ago which now followed with the need of proper ver. 1.3; total incompatibility with older equipment, high prices on media and gear, two competing formats with no clear leader… and so on and so forth. IMO for any camp to win they really need to make things simple, even if it means dropping all restrictions with DVI and analog ports despite the hollywood relactance. Or else they will both have to wait for the protections to get defeated thus making HDs a true successor of todays technology. Cheers

The facts are correct, but the perspective is not. It’s mainly the consumers who are disappoined in the HD products. Confusion, high prices, complicated technology, marginal quality increases, drm, lack of titles, competing formats, etc. etc. The industry served up garbage and they’re not buying it. Hey industry, listen to your customers!!!

After looking at some demos of both formats, I can’t see a quatum leap in video quality that would be worth flopping down $1000s USD on equipment just to play a damn disc! I am sure a lot of consumers would agree. Most consumers, just here recently, bought a DVD player for christ sakes and don’t own HDTV. These companies must think people are made out of money!

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Agreed. The price tag for what is supposed to be an eye-popping experience is too high to justify consumers en masse going for this. Certainly if I pay big $$$ for something, I expect something to knock me out of my chair and through the wall, not something that will look and perform only marginally better than the old system, or not give me that many options. It does appear the industry really thought people would buy just because the industry thought it was a good idea–without the industry making sure the customers wanted it, as has been pointed out here. Guys, keep reacting, as CDFreaks will strive to have more articles on Blu-ray and HD formats. This set of reactions has been wonderful to read for how everyone has tried to incorporate as many facts as possible, and that is the goal of all ideal reactions: to address the topic based on information, to enlighten others more–beyond the scope of article as is possible. :B

The sad fact is the general public doesn’t know squat about HDTV. At Christmas 52% of HDTV Christmas gifts were returned because “the picture was worse then my old TV”. With the buying public having no knowledge of what good HDTV looks like how can the HD-DVD makers expect to get $1,000 for a player?

people are happy because they can take squeeze the dvd format in their televisions. once people see that a hdtv is not that “image monster” and worse: that their new 1000$ hd/bd player only plays at half res because the tv limitations or hdmi old version, they will return the hardware. has anyone in industry realised that these standards lack one simple thing? a freakin’ STANDARD. they keep rushing so the can say “we win! we lauched it first!”… yeah right, keep the candy… no hd for me yet
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@nailzer HD-DVD format is not asking for 1 grand, that’s Sony’s bastard child Blu-ray that is asking for that much. HD-dvd only costs $499 and the picture quality is way better than BD and has more features to boot. please people try not to confuse others. thanks!:slight_smile: