High Def Digest reviews The Last Samurai HD-DVD

I just posted the article High Def Digest reviews The Last Samurai HD-DVD.

they are out- the HD-DVD movies that is and High Def Digest gives us a good
review of a couple of the four titles presently available. So far, we have the
following retail offerings:…

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The detail should be: HD-30 Single-Sided Disc or HD-30 Double-Layer Disc

Yep you are right about that.
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I bet the “movie only” can be put without any loss in quality in a DVD+R DL using Xvid… We do not need new expensive players but a ripper and a good coder to freely watch HD movies anywhere we want. :wink:

Using XVid it will fit on a single layer DVD+R.

Xvid is good… but i’d say if we’re talking about next generation dvd… we should use a next gen. codec like x264 or any H264 codec for that matter. :slight_smile: I wonder what a 1080 movie would look like on a single sided dvd-r? I’m not quite sure the size would enough to make it look really good. We’re talking about 6 times the pixels, that means 6 times more information when comparing 720x480 to 1920x1080.
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720p x264 AVC 120min is pretty bearable on a single layer dvd+r with 768kbps DTS audio track but 1080p in Xvid on 4,3GB disc with no quality loss you got to be kidding, right :+ though these 720p HDTV AVC rips look awesome compared to retail DVD detail wise http://libehv.pri.ee/pildid/sincity_720p.png http://libehv.pri.ee/pildid/sincity_dvd.png

That HD version of T2 that came on the 2nd disc of the extreme editon looked pretty good. Does anyone know how big that was?

Dunno what size it was but IMO it sucked. Yes, the resolution was there, the details were there, but all the colors were smeared, especially on dark scenes which there are a lot in T2. Maybe if they used h264 instead of wmv it would have looked better. And that’s not to mention that you still had to get 5-day authorization to view the movie (incidently, you can only get one if you’re in US, the rest of the world was filtered by IP address and would not be given authorization to play - talk about paranoid) and even if you did obtain the license to play it, you’d still have to go through a bunch of hoops in order to play it with Windows Media Player (can’t believe I’m saying it) instead of using crappy player supplied with the disc.

so, big deal, they had to go double layer ALREADY! This is why Lord of the Rings needs to be on Blu-ray. the hell if I’m going to have to pop in a second DVD for special features in the next generation of movies!

A friend and I dismantled an HD-A1 in order to find out what made it tick, and were intrigued to learn that inside the drive is a standard IDE unit. Also inside is a USB flash drive on a daughter card: http://geekswithblogs.net/lorint/archive/2006/04/21/75795.aspx

“Comparing the HD-DVD and the HBO-HD broadcast showing of ‘Samurai’ also bore some interesting results. I’d give the edge to HD-DVD, because of one considerable improvement versus satellite and terrestrial HD broadcasts – macroblocking.” My old 10’ C-Band dish still is the front runner among satellite delivered HD. It never has macroblocking, then the HD picture I normally watch would be equal to HD-DVD, so I don’t need it.
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