High CPU Utilization with 48125W

I made a post awhile ago, and now I’ve bought a LTR-48125W, it comes with the VSO6 firmware. It seemed to work fine on my current machine during my testings of it, but then I moved it to my older P3 533, 512MB, 10GB, WinXP PC, I noticed that while its writing or reading, everything else is almost impossible to use. I’ve checked with reviews and it seemed that it does have a high CPU utilization, about twice as high as normal writers. But it shouldn’t be this bad, what should I do? Maybe switch firmware or try a different OS, though I doubt I’ll go that far. Any one else having this problem?

Thanks all in advance,
Btw, if you got the VSO2 firmware, or a link for it, please send it to me.

Abnormally high CPU usage is usually a symptom of DMA not being enabled.

Start Nero CD Speed and insert an audio CD. Run the CPU Usage test and report the CPU utilization at 8x. If it is significantly over 20% or so, this usually indicates DMA not working properly.

I just ran this test with a LTR-40125S (results should be similar to yours) on a WinXP machine. CPU utiliziation at 8x in WinXP Pro was 20%.

Running the same CPU test with the Lite-on LTD163 DVD-ROM, the CPU utilization was only 7%.

Actually, the 7% is a normal value for this test on a fast computer, but 20% is in the high range. It would seem that the Lite-on burner is a CPU hog.

go to: http://liteon.notrix.net/


DMA seems to be the problem here.

Check what the IDE controller drivers shows in XP device manager.

It should show Ultra DMA Mode 2.