High CPU Usage with DVR-A07XL in USB Enclosure

The CPU usage is extremely high, so high that DVD movie playback is choppy. At 8x CPU usage is up to 100%, 4x 50%, and so on. Is there anything I can do?


Get a better enclosure?

It’s common for external USB devices to use quite a few CPU cycles. I don’t know what’s normal, however.

My USB hard drive at full tilt pushes my CPU quite a bit.

The only solution I can think of would be to see whether some USB cards do more processing before it gets to the processor. But I’m purely guessing.

It is just a generic enclosure from CompUSA that I bought 2 years ago. If I can scrounge up some cash I will pick up a better one. Thanks.


If I understand the USB I/O prrocess correctly, everything that goes through to the USB ports has to get pushed through the CPU first (ie no DMA-type features). So if you have a slower CPU, you might see a higher CPU usage percentage. I may be wrong here as well, but I think that IEEE1394 (aka Firewire) has a smaller CPU overhead requirement.