High CPU usage EVEN with DMA enabled... PLEASE HELP!

Hey Guys,

Let me start by saying that I know what I’m doing. I’ve been building my own computers since my first XT clone on 1986 (yes, I’m very old :slight_smile: ), but for the life of me, I CANNOT FIGURE THIS ONE OUT.

I’m getting RIDICULOUS amounts of CPU usage on my new computer (Athlon64 XP 3400/BenQ DW1620 OEM flashed to branded). CPU usage according to CD/DVD Speed reading a DVD-R:

1X: 6%
2X: 12%
4X: 24%
8X: 48%

I had these problems in the past with previous computers. All it took was to enable DMA, or sometimes uninstall the IDE drivers and stuff like that. I’ve tried all of this, DMA is enabled, and I’m still getting that amount of usage. (I already installed the VIA 4 in 1 drivers for the IDE card). MOBO is a A8V deluxe (DW1620 running on the primary normal IDE controller, not raid).

The other weird stuff is that I can burn DVD’s at 12X in 7 minutes with no noticeable slow down on the system (I can keep surfing the web and stuff) and no problems with recorded disks. Shouldn’t I have problems with writting at that speed with such awfull CPU utilization scores?

I’m lost, any help will be greatly appreciated.


What program are you using to test the cpu load?? Actually it wouldn’t affect your burner performance so much as it would trying to multitask You may see a slowdown on say web surfing while your burning a disk. If your like me and wonder off while your doing the ripping and burning then there is really no problem. It could be the software giving you an inaccurate reading. It probably is reporting the total cpu usage including any background programs that your OS is running at the time.


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Hey Dominator,

Thanks for the reply. I’m using Nero CD/DVD Speed to measure the CPU usage. As for the multitasking, that’s what I was saying, I don’t notice any performance hits while burning at 12X and surfing the web and stuff. It is very strange. One more thing, I can’t burn if I have the BURN-PROOF enabled (in any software). What happens is that it burns till say, 9%, and then stays there indefinetly.

Here is a screenshot of the software in question:

Thats better than what I show. I would’t worry about it. If it aint broke don’t mess with it!! :smiley:

I would agree. You have to remember that you are processing quite a bit of data. If your system has enough resources that you can do other things your doing pretty good.