High cpu load after nero drivespeed



Hello guys,

I installed nero drivespeed for a try, then I realized that whenever I played cd or dvd and also burning cd or dvd my notebook cpu (core duo T2250) was in veru high load, it didn’t done that before.

I uninstalled nero but hte problem is still there…

can somebody help me?

thanks all :slight_smile:


check the dma mode for your optical unit
If it is in pio u need to hange it in dma mode



the dma if available option is checked but in the current transfer mode it’s still in PIO…


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Read this thread . It should help you re-enabling DMA.


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thanks a lot guys !

I am dma mode again !

I just delete my dvd drive channel and reboot, then windows reinstalled it in dma mode :slight_smile:

thanks again