High Cost of DVD-DL disks Political?

Does anyone know if the high cost of Dual Layer DVD blanks is Political or is it Technological? I’m sure the Hollywood Movie Executives would fear rampant piracy if perfect quality 1:1 full length movies (with trailers, specials, alternate endings, ect) burned onto single discs (just like the original) if everyone could buy 100-pack DL discs for 20 bucks or so. Do they somehow pressure DVD manufacturers to keep Dual Layer blanks high to prevent this from happening? Or is the real reason because current technology is just not there yet to mass produce DL discs at reasonable consumer prices? :doh:

8.5gb is nothing compared to the new formats coming out this year! Pirates will able to get 3,4,possibly 5 1:1 movies on a single 25gb disc! (Or is it 35gb? I forget :))

I think the problem is they came out too late and everybody (pirates in particular) had already worked out how to get retail movies on normal 4.7gb DVD-R so thought ‘Why bother when my customers are happy with the quality?’

And if nobody buys them, the price stays high :slight_smile:

That’s actually a good question. I’d be interested to see some more opinions on this, see what people think. :slight_smile:

Do you really think that Ritek, a taiwanese company, gives a crap what Hollywood thinks, and is going to hold back its bottom line merely to please Hollywood?
I could see some conspiracy theory about the Japanese companies, but really, if they could, Ritek would sell their junk cheaper, if it meant moving more volume while still making a comfortable margin. The manufacturing process / IP investment costs are still high enough that they have to charge what they’re charging.
If they could sell DL media for even $0.50 - $0.80 retail / disc they know that sales would go way up, so they’re not doing it because they can’t, in my opinion. I always look to the Taiwanese companies for an indicator of the real cost of goods, they can’t compete on quality (or perception of quality) so they compete on price whenever they can.

To one extent, I’d like to believe it’s all a conspiracy but on the other hand, I think it’s the typical “new stuff costs more” circumstance. “new”, of course, doesn’t mean once it’s been out for 6 months it’s no longer new. I remember when blank DVDs cost over $30 ! Movies cost $15-20 at the time. The logic (math) was simple: NO ONE will buy $30 blank media to back up movies. It made NO financial sense.

I wish, I really do, that the price of DL media would come down. Hell, look at people, myself included, who jump at paying $2.00/each for Verbatim when BB or Walmart or Newegg has 'em on sale. People are just itching for the prices to drop 'cause currently, they’re simply too expensive (for the average consumer).

I also think the reason is technological, not politcal.
If Hollywood had such a power to affect manufacturers ALL OVER THE WORLD, they should have kept the CD/DVD price up in the first place.

By the way, provided that single-layered(SL) DVD is just too cheap, I can’t really see any good reasons of buying any dual-layered(DL) DVD. If you wish to burn 8.5GB data, go for 2 SL DVD. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a couple of good reasons for buying D/L DVDs. For those of us who do videogame console backups and don’t want to bastardize the games, then D/L is the only way to go for the really large games. Also D/L are quite handy for TV series where you would have to cut the sucker down to about half quality to get it all to fit on a single layer disc or go through the bother of swapping out 2 different discs. I will gladly pay the $2USD per disc for the Verbatim D/L DVD+R discs in these cases.

You’ll find most console games (Bar a few) hardly have anywhere near 4.7gb on them. Most of the ‘extra content’ is just dummy files

Jesterrace, your post was exactly the reason why I asked the question in the first place. The video quality issue of compressing a full length Dual Layer movie onto a Single Layer disc, or the hassle of disc swapping 2 different Single Layer discs when your original movie is on ONE disc. Dual Layer discs eliminate those problems. That’s why I’ve been waiting a long time for the DL prices to come down before I even think about backing up my movie collection.