High contrast durable color CDs?

I’m looking for an inkjet printable or Lightscribe CD-R in assorted colors.

My wife likes to play CDs in the car but I cringe everytime I find one on the floor. I’ve been making copies for her to use in the car. To save ink, I try to remove as much of the background color as possible and print mostly text or a lightened image that still resembles the original. That looks fine on a while printable disc.

Now the complaint is that all of the discs look alike when they’re in the sunvisor CD holder with just white edges sticking out. She has to slide each disk out to find the one she wants. If the backgrounds were colored, she could at least check just the blue ones or the yellow ones, etc.

Considering the environment, Lightscribe would be ideal since they don’t smudge but most of the colored Lightscribe discs appear to be pretty dark and I need high contrast so she can see the label easily. Does anyone know of a pastel colored Lightscribe disc?

Verbatim made some 95300 colored “metallic” printable discs but I don’t know how smudge or water resistant they are. They’re no longer listed on Verbatim’s site so they’re probably discontinued. Are there any lightly colored inkjet printables available?

If all else fails, I can print a light background color or a wide light colored ring around the edges of the white discs but I hate wasting ink on a disc that will probably see some abuse.

The simplest solution is a Sharpie on a colored non-printable disk but I’d like these disks to resemble the originals if possible.

Any ideas?

check out the verbatim 95460 :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=jwill427;2488193]check out the verbatim 95460 :slight_smile:


Those are pretty cool, I’ll have a look to see if they’re available here in the UK (even if only online). Thanks! :flower:

EDIT: linky here for anyone who’s interested in the UK :wink: