High Capacity (800MB) CD-R

Hello Everyone,

My first post, BIG apologies if this has been asked before. (I did do a keyword search first but couldn’t find an answer to my question.)

I need to buy high capacity CD-Rs to save files over 700MB is size (but not on DVD) and would be very grateful if anyone could tell me if the legendary :bow: Taiyo Yuden manufacture these discs, and where I can buy them in the UK.

Thanks for any help you can offer! :smiley:

To my knowledge Taiyo Yuden make no such discs.

Verbatim have High Capacity 90min CD-R media made by Moser Baer with a Moser Baer ATIP.
(At least the ones I have are by Moser Baer)

You can find them online at SVP and probably some other places.

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Thanks for the quick reply and the friendly welcome! :smiley: I’ll check out the Verbatim discs at SVP, much appreciated.