Hiding Hard Drives

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to “Hide” a hard drive like you would a folder. Is that possible to do? do I need special software or can I do it manually?

Thank you,
Brandon T.

you can hide partitions with acronis disk director suite or norton partition magic of course naturally it will still show up in the bios post screen,im not sure youll be able to boot to such a partition without a special prog and even if youll find someway to get it done youll probably need special software to see the hidden partition content but again you can unhide the other partitions when needed

what about encryption?


truecrypt: http://www.truecrypt.org (virtual drive & entire partition or hdd)

not free

bestcrypt: http://www.jetico.com (virtual drive)
drivecrypt: http://www.securstar.com (virtual drive)
drivecrypt plus: http://www.securstar.com (entire partition or hdd)

all the non-free ones have a more secure file hashing (sha1/ripemd have been cracked long time ago) these uses sha256,second of drivecrypt/plus unlike bestcrypt supports smart cards/fingerprint readers for better security

virtual drive means that all encrypted data will be saved to one encrypted file that can be mounted as a virtual drive (with password prompt and/or other hardware means of course) and can be used basicly like a normal hdd partition,much more comfortable then standard file encryption,of course you decide on the size of the enrypted file it can go as high as you want even gb’s

Thanks, I can use those links. What I really need is to be able to click “My Computer” and the drive that I have hidden will not be shown. It will still be there though without seeing it.

acronis disk director suite or norton partition magic will do that at ease just dont hide the partition the os is on cuz you might not be able to boot it without special software if you will ,disk director suite is about 20$ cheaper,encryption is much more secure way to keep data safe or at least that my opinion

Thanks. That’s what I needed. :iagree: