Hidg Density on Std DVD-R

Being completely new to HD, so please excuse my ignorance!!

I have just bought a new Pansonic HD ready 42" Plasma and DVD player that will output 720p and 1080i through HDMI

In the shop they played a HD demo disc to show the clariy of the HD format

I was wondering:-

Is it possible to put a short (2 minutes) HD clip (either 720p or 1080i) onto a standard DVD-R that will play at the HD resolution
was the Panasonic demo disc a specialy made HD disc

I don’t want a standard DVD resolution disc that is being scaled up by the DVD player

Many thanks for your patients with my lack of knowledge on this matter

Hi ntm1275,

Standard mpeg authoring packages wont output the resolution you just mentioned so I doubt you could get anything above std. DVD resolution onto any DVD-R as the max. resolution supported by most Mpeg authoring packages is 720 X 576 which is the max. resolution of DVD Video. So for HD you probably will have to wait for the HD-DVD and the corresponding Authoring packages to service the format to come into the General Market, which is not that far off.

Hope this helps.