Hide IP



Can anyone recommend a good program to hide your ip address? I am using Windows XP Home,and Firefox2.0.


In order to traverse on a network, you have to have some form
of source IP address. (your PCs addr, or the internet provider assigned IP addr.)
You can’t actually hide completely.

[I]If you buy a router, your PC will be assigned a different IP address
using NAT(network address translation), and although your PC will have a
different address, it will still leave the routers main network port with a
specific or provider assigned address. There has to be a return path for
your data. There will still be a traceable source IP back to you.[/I]

If you’d be more specific on why you want to hide the address, someone
may be able to recommend a solution other than trying to hide your IP addr.
EG: a firewall, or VPN software, etc…


Try Tor http://tor.eff.org/index.html.en it’s free. Get the Tor & Privoxy & Vidalia bundle and follow the installation instructions. When you’re done install the Torbutton add-on for firefox so you can switch it on and off while you’re surfing. I’m using it for about a year now and it works well.


I’ve seen advertisements for the following anonymizer program but I don’t use it. I do know that periodically, legislators talk about enacting legislation to make such software illegal.


if u wanna surf quasi anony then use HideIp Platinum…it works…but as mentioned…u are never truly hidden…:wink:

i’ve used that tor…and it is sloooooooooooooooooooooooow