Hide IP Platinum 3.1

…When I go online with Hide IP Platinum enabled I cannot go to sites I want to go to. It takes me to “http://www.google.com.sa/” (Saudi Arabian Google) instead of regular “http://www.google.com”. Same with other sites I think. I want USA IP address. How do I do that? How can I make it not take me to foreign sites? I know I probably seem stupid but I dont know.


the solution is simple: just don’t use this erh… “software”.
Hiding the IP does not work as you expect it. It is just sending your internet connection through proxy servers, that might be even trojanized computers of innocent Windows users that are now unwillingly members of a botnet.
At the time of the incident you described, you were connected to google.com via a computer that is located in Arabia. As google is location senstive, it will connect you to google SA then. Or you aren’t even allowed to access websites due to censoring activities in the country the proxy you are just using, is located.


You need to find a US proxy server, there are several web sites with list of proxy servers, the country they are in, how secure they are and there speed. But as [B]mciahel[/B] already pointed it out, you are wasting your time and money! Proxy servers are very slow and it’s still very easy to find out your true IP address. All these programs that claim they can hide your IP address simply don’t work and you are wasting your money buying them. :slight_smile:

…Thanks for the replies. I figured out that if I right click the Hide IP Platinum icon in the system tray it will eventually give me a US IP. It just takes alot of clicking and hoping. I probably don’t need this software but it’s fun to have and it seems to get the job done. It might be silly but it makes me feel secure and private on the internet. Anyway…I’d love to hear more opinions and facts about such software. I don’t know that much about it yet. Thoughts and comments much appreciated.=o)

. As mentioned above, you’re probably wasting your time and definitely putting your computer at risk.
. While you may have the best of reasons for wanting to hide your IP (personal privacy, censorship, &c), a lot of the ppl wanting to do so, and the people catering to them, are up to no good. These ppl would have no qualms about luring you to use their “services” and then doing things with your computer that you may not appreciate.
. I’d suggest getting rid of the software and then doing some research on proxies.
. You can’t hide your IP from someone with the know-how (especially if they have a search warrant), but you can make it difficult for the average user to track you down.

…How am I putting my computer at risk? What could they do do to my computer? Maybe I will do some more research about this. Starting to sound a bit scary to me…

…I’m going to uninstall it now. It slows internet connection. It’s hard to get US proxy. Lots of problems. I dont need it.

Its also known for modifying the user.js file in browsers which can be problematic.