Hide CDR Media?

Is it normal to have to enable the hide cdrmedia when playing backups, I just got a writer that can do safedisk finally. I backed up GhostRecon but cannot play unless I enable the hide option in CloneCD, I don’t currently have a reader but when I do install one will I still have to use the hide media option?

Nevermind, I thought about this and most readers cant read the atip information therefore is ignorant to the fact of the disk being pressed media or a cdr. So if I load the backup and clonyxxl tells me that it is safedisk v2 (which it does) then the backup is good and would indeed work in a normal cd reader without the hide cdr media option enabled on clonecd.

ah, the beauty of self solving.

it’s like self realisation. sort of.


Yeah it helps to have a high I.Q. :bigsmile: